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  1. smehta313

    Shikke Rental

    Hi all, Trying to help some friends out in the greater chicago area for 12-20 shikke for 3-4 weeks rent. If you're from Wisconsin, Illinois, or Indiana and can rent out your saaps for that time period, please msg me. Thank You.
  2. smehta313

    *** Furteelay 3rd Place at Boston Bhangra 2016 ***

    With the competition season coming to an end for Furteelay tonight, we would like everyone to see our 3rd place performance from Boston Bhangra 2016! We completely changed the set heading into NDC, so we’ll post that one soon as well, but until then please feel to leave any critiques...
  3. smehta313

    Furteelay at Bhangra in the 6ix 2016

    Hello Everyone, Going solely under the name “Furteelay” as a distinction between the original FS team, this team comprised of 8 first time dancers under the Furteelay name. The routine was created in roughly a month and a half, and we tried to stay as folk as possible to match the style of the...
  4. smehta313

    Furteelay Shokeen Gig Performance

    Hey all, I remember when I first started dancing teams used to post their gig videos all the time. I haven't seen that as much recently but hoping that'll keep the videos & performances section active when there aren't too many competitions going around. This was our performance from a...
  5. smehta313

    Furteelay Shokeen at Bruin Bhangra 2016

    Hey, Everyone!! In honor of Bruin 2017's lineup coming out, I thought we might as well post our video here from 2016. It's been out for a while and our roster has changed completely for the most part, but if you have any feedback, liked anything in particular, or just wanna give us a shout-out...
  6. smehta313

    Furteelay at NDC [DO NOT POST]

    Hey Everyone, Furteelay had a great time this past weekend performing at NDC. With that said, we have yet to decide what we will do with our routine so for the time being, please do not post it. If you happened to get a video of our performance, please PM me or send it to
  7. smehta313

    Furteelay @ BBC [DO NOT POST]

    if you have a copy of our video, please do not post it publicly. Feel free to send it to me here or at Thanks and congrats to all the teams that placed at BBC & Burgh this past weekend!
  8. smehta313

    Furteelay at Bhangra in the 6ix [PLEASE DO NOT POST]

    Furteelay had a great time performing at BIT6 this year. We will post a detailed review about how great the first year competition was and the incredible hospitality Shaan Punjab Dee extended to us. If you have a copy of our video, please email it to Thank You
  9. smehta313

    Furteelay Shokeen Bhangra Tryouts

    Hey Everyone! Furteelay Shokeen is looking for some new talent for the competitive 2016-2017 bhangra season. We'll be hosting tryouts from 10 AM - 12 PM on Saturday, June 25th at Heritage Park in Canton, MI. If you have any questions or concerns, check out our event page...
  10. smehta313

    BBC show review

    These used to be more prevalent back in the day, hopefully more ppl can share their thoughts Tufts - pretty clean and strong way to open up the show. I wasn't expecting much tbh but I realized if ya had taken this routine to tashan or a smaller comp of that sort it could very well have...
  11. smehta313

    ADZ 2014 Results

    Bhangra 1. RU (Rutgers)Bhangra 2. University of Rochester Bhangra Fusion 1. WASHU Chaahat 2. Case Western Kismat Congrats to all the placing teams. From an audience's perspective, ADZ was extremely well organized and conducted in a timely manner. Glad to see Simrat lead RU to a victory as...
  12. smehta313

    RU Boyz at Boston Bhangra Competition DO NOT POST

    Hey guys, Please do not post our video from BBC. We'll post it soon after our team talks about our future plans. If you have a video, please PM me or email it to Thank you, and also congrats to DCMPAA and Nachdi Jawani for two amazing performances.
  13. smehta313

    Bhangra Idols Placings

    1. Shan-E Punjab 2. Vancity Boys 3. Bhangra Queens Juniors 1. Shan-E little Stars 2. TMD Girls
  14. smehta313

    Bruin placings

    1st - AEG 2nd - Van City 3rd - DRP Congrats to my boys on AEG for all the hard work they put into the comp! Congrats to all the other teams as well!
  15. smehta313

    RU Bhangra : On Campus Performance

    Hey everyone, The Rutgers University Dhol Effect hosts an event every year called "Bhangra Knights" (Not to be confused with the team). We had the chance to perform there again this year with most of our younger dancers. If you have a moment, please take some time to watch the video and...
  16. smehta313

    AEG Bhangra at the Bell Request

    Hey Everyone, Anakh- E - Gabroo will be performing at Bhangra at the Bell this weekend. If you're still looking for tickets and want to support the team, purchase them from this link: We also request that if you record a video of us that you not post it...
  17. smehta313

    Furteelay Shokeen Motor City Bhangra

    If anyone is able to get a video of Furteelay Shokeen at Motor City Bhangra , please do not post it. The team will decide whether they wish to post it soon after the competition. Please PM me or email if you do make a video of our performance. Thank you.
  18. smehta313

    Bhangra in the Burgh 6 Show Order

    1. First Class Bhangra 2. UNC Bhangra Elite 3. Cornell 4. Cal 5. UVA di Shaan 6. GMU 7. TAG 8. V. Tech Thoughts?
  19. smehta313

    RU Bhangra's Dholi - Dhol Cover

    Check out RU Bhangra's very own dholi, Harsh, with his dhol cover on a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan classic. Tere Bin Nahin Lagda - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Dhol Cover
  20. smehta313

    Re: Furteelay Shokeen at VPD 2012

    Here is our video from Virsa Punjab Da. Had a good experience, we know we had problems and tried to change as much as possible before MLIB, regardless, please let us know anything you notice and provide us some feedback. Enjoy!! Furteelay Shokeen @ VPD 2012