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  1. jessemalik

    Bhangra Bash Results

    3rd: pcac / bhangra knights 2nd: panj 1st: bmw
  2. jessemalik

    desi dhamaka results

    4th: CMU 3rd: ECU 2nd: NC state 1st: Virsa
  3. jessemalik

    Comedian or Singer?

    Competitions recently have started incorporating or replacing singers with comedians as their headline act. An example of this would be Russell Peters at Blowout or Paul Varghese at Burgh. I have found this to be more enjoyable and entertaining than singers especially ones that lip sync. I...
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    Official Team Logos
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    Boston Bhangra Competition 2008

    Last year's boston rubric placed a heavy emphasis on traditionality with it specifically calling for the inclusion of traditional elements such as dhaamaal and sammi from what I recall. Even then my only problem with judging last year was the tie for third place and the judges not being...
  6. jessemalik

    Boston Bhangra Competition 2008

    Being able to understand a score sheet does not make a judge qualified. I think Boston should consider allowing the judges to reach a consensus before announcing the results since last year's results just didn't make sense.
  7. jessemalik

    Nindy Kaur

    Gunjan performed at SBB couple years back
  8. jessemalik

    Boston Bhangra Competition 2008

    Are the judges going to be released this year?
  9. jessemalik

    Reusing routines

    Competitions Rutgers participated in the past two years: Bhangra Blowout 15 : Second Place Naachvention : First Place + Viewer Choice Boston Bhangra 2007 Bhangra in the Burgh : First Place The Bhangra Project 2 : Second Place Manhattan Bhangra Best of the Best Chicago Bhangra Blowout 14...
  10. jessemalik

    Best Competitions for next season

    i felt there wouldnt be as many applicants to Boston since their results were controversial last year. I recall hearing from several teams that they wouldn't be returning.
  11. jessemalik

    Best Competitions for next season

    Since Bruin is the only major competition left in this season, which competitions do you think will be most appealing to teams for next season? I think Boston and even Bruin might see a drop in the number of applicants next yr while competitions like Burgh and AVAP will see a rise. VIBC and...
  12. jessemalik

    Worst Thing you've seen from a Bhangra Team?

    I think it was that year at blizzard where they had an eating contest during intermission which resulted in one of the contestents vomiting.
  13. jessemalik

    Worst Thing you've seen from a Bhangra Team?

    I think it was MIT that had a dancer go commando under his chaadar during a performance.
  14. jessemalik

    What is "traditionality"?

    I agree we do not have the authority to judge whether a team is "traditional" or define what traditonality is. But Bhangra competitions organizers and judges are able to decide what they feel is appropriate for their competition which they would express through their rubric and judges bio...
  15. jessemalik

    Giant Bhangra Predictions

    Teams: Anakh Punjab Di (Los Angeles, CA) Berkeley Di Tohar (Berkeley, CA) Born 2 Bhangra (Abbotsford, B.C.) Davis Di Dynasty (Davis, CA) Gabroo Shokeen (San Jose, CA) Hasdey Nachde Gabroo (New Jersey) Heeray Punjab Deh (San Jose, CA) Punjabi Beat (Surrey, BC) Rangla Punjab (Irvine, CA)...