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    Song Request!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the song Gidde Vich Nach Kuriye by Dilshad Akhtar. I have spent countless hours searching the web and it seems to be non-existent :( It's from the album "Nachi Saadde Naal". Please share if you have it, I'm sure others are looking for it as well. Thanks :)
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    Soni Nigam Song Request

    Hey guys, hope everyone is having a good holiday break! I was just wondering if anyone has Sonu Nigam's Rafi Resurrected album? The one he performed in London with the City of Birmingham Orchestra. Thanks!
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    J. Cole Sideline Story Leaked

    Much anticipated album by J. Cole just leaked on rapgodfathers. Here's the download link for those who want it. 8)
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    Watch The Throne

    After the first listen, I'm disappointed in this album. I'm a big Kanye and Jay-Z fan so I had high expectations but I don't really like it. Anyone agree? What went wrong much potential with these 2 artists :(