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  1. ladoopants786

    Looking for wedding dholi

    Hello BTF go-ers, I have a family wedding coming up on Thursday (2 DAYS), and thought we had a dholi lined up to play during the groom's entrance. As it turns out, there was never any confirmation and he's dipping out of the bay a few days before. So, now we are in serious need of a dholi. I...
  2. ladoopants786

    Bruin Review

    Do you know what the placings were for tonight? If so, please post them here! Also, has anyone looked into fixing the URL yet??? Mack and Haar
  3. ladoopants786

    Sound Effects for Mixes

    Just wanna say thanks to everyone who posted here. This thread is LEGIT and suuupppppper helpful, kudos to ya'll peeps
  4. ladoopants786

    Cal poly???

    Anyone else here on the forum go to SLO?
  5. ladoopants786

    NFL predictions - playoffs and individual awards

    NFC West - Rams NFC North - Packers NFC East - Eagles NFC South - Falcons AFC West - Chargers AFC North - Ravens AFC East - Patriots AFC South - Texans Wild Card - Saints, Bears, Steelers, Colts NFC Champions - Falcons AFC Champions - Ravens Super Bowl Champions - Ravens MVP - Tom Brady...
  6. ladoopants786

    Cal Bhangra!

    Are you guys dancing this week for the welcome week thing at Cal? I hella want to see yall but idk what time you guys are performing and i kind of dont want to stay for the whole day thursday. Please let me know thanks!
  7. ladoopants786

    One crazy reason to appreciate the lockout crazy story You might have not liked the NFL lockout, but Anne Moore did. The lockout saved her little boy's life. On the afternoon of June 11, 6-year-old Bryson Moore wandered too far into the deep end of a pool at...
  8. ladoopants786

    NFL trade bonanza

    the bucs took advantage of the fact that NFL overlords forgot to establish a salary cap for kickers/punters along with rookies. NICE
  9. ladoopants786

    NFL trade bonanza

    Is he an UFA? I didn't think his contract was up yet
  10. ladoopants786

    NFL trade bonanza

    although it wouldn't make any sense and is highly improbable, i really wanna see plax in new england go dumb. 100 receptions 1300+ yds 14 TDs
  11. ladoopants786

    NFL trade bonanza

    Does the new Viking offense give Mcnabb a shot at a SB title? I feel like this year is the year to do it (if they replace Rice with a decent player), and next year is a possible long-shot. He hella deserved one with the eagles, but sadly it never happened
  12. ladoopants786

    mosquito bites

    did you use aloe
  13. ladoopants786

    mosquito bites

    Isn't Big Apple coming up?
  14. ladoopants786

    mosquito bites
  15. ladoopants786

    mosquito bites

  16. ladoopants786

    mosquito bites

    would hot or cold be faster
  17. ladoopants786

    DJ Macksood new mix - July 2011

    criticism would be greatly appreciated :) DJ Macksood July 2011 Mix
  18. ladoopants786

    mosquito bites

  19. ladoopants786

    mosquito bites

    that was legit, can you google stuff for me all the time
  20. ladoopants786

    mosquito bites

    I just went camping and I was bitten 14 times. I have more bumps than amplifier after 12 AM, so to all the docs on the forum, how long should this take to go away without any specific ointment/medication?