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  1. singh89

    Anyone have this song?

    I searched in the search option too but I couldn't find it. Sorry I was looking for this one. Lol Thank You.
  2. singh89

    Bruin Bhangra 2010 Winners

    1st: APD 2nd: DRP 3rd: VDW My friend just texted me the results. Congrats to all teams who won.
  3. singh89

    Mera Vasda Punjab (M.V.P.) Gig Performance

    This is a gig that our team did couple of weeks ago. We just wanted to put the video up on here so we could get some feedback, whether its positive/negative. Thanks. Mera Vasda Punjab (MVP) Gig Performance
  4. singh89

    Warrior Bhangra Poll

    Lets see what everyone thinks.
  5. singh89

    Mera Vasda Punjab at Rangla Punjab Bhangra Competition!

    mera vasda punjab.wmv Here is our video from this past weekend at Rangla Punjab Bhangra Competition in Seattle, WA. We are open to feedback whether its good or bad. It will help us improve for future competitions. Thanks, Manvir
  6. singh89

    M.V.P. (NorCal & Rangla Mix)

    Hope you guys enjoy, made by Klasikhs!! Feedback would be appreciated.
  7. singh89


    Hey once again need help on another song. Does anyone have any good mirza songs?
  8. singh89

    Need Dhamaal Songs!!!!

    We are looking for some good dhamaal song to put into our routine. Can anyone post some good ones on here? Thanks a lot.
  9. singh89

    Request for song!!

    My team mates and I are having a hard time finding this one song by Surjit Bindrakhia... Its the one that Bhangra Knights used this year @ bulldog bhangra 2009 and Punjabi Beat used @ DDA 08. It goes like ... "pehla gehra lah keh tu thak jandi si, dooja gehra lah keh tu akh jandi si" If...
  10. singh89

    M.V.P. Bhangra Tryouts.

    M.V.P. (Mera Vasda Punjab) is having bhangra tryouts at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, CA on October 18, 2009. The tryouts will be held at 12:00 pm and will end at 3:00 pm. They will be held at the Even Center on CSU Stanislaus campus. Team is open for anyone in the Central Valley area. Sunday...
  11. singh89

    Our Team Name.

    So as we were practicing today, we all took a break and decided on a name...just trying to see if this name isn't out there yet...we chose MVP: Mera Vasda Punjab ....any feedbacks.. thanks.
  12. singh89

    I don't know if this video has been posted, but its good for new learners