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  1. Raji

    Kudiye Badham Rangiye (Say Ahh Remix)

    AHHHHkward combo....but love the mix!
  2. Raji

    Unanswerable Questions?

    Because, when DVD's came out storeowners such as blockbuster were not happy with the idea of buy new shelving for the smaller cases for DVD's. So, instead they made DVD cases the size of VHS's.
  3. Raji

    Bhangra B-day Cake

    Who is lilly and how do you get ahold of her?!
  4. Raji

    Album/Song of the year?

    Baljit Malwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-*
  5. Raji

    Christmas Shopping

    If only I danced on a team!!! Gift cards are a great idea.... Thanks Rupica.
  6. Raji

    Christmas Shopping

    Thanks I'm going tomorrow if I can't shop online tonight and have it rush shipped to my house! :)
  7. Raji

    Christmas Shopping

    I haven't even started yet.... Ahh! I hate going shopping with all the crowds and forget trying to find parking! So, this leads to me to my question.... If you get one gift what would it be and why!? What would I want: someone start and finish all my Christmas shopping... ;D
  8. Raji

    Ludhiana on Fire

    :o That was heartbreaking. I don't get it.... why are we always targeted. What freaks me out even more is I'm going to India over winter break... I'm nervous! I feel like we're the black man of India- always hated on. It's not cool!
  9. Raji

    Tilak at Hazoor Sahib

    Totally disgusted by this. I saw this last year and was shocked to see this happen in a place of such high regard. Supposable if you don't "tilak" on Guruji's Shastars because if you don't then they "go looking for blood," I don't think that is any justification however, thats what I was told...
  10. Raji

    [AbC] Apna Bhangra Crew Mix (Bulldog/Idols)

    Does anyone have the song at like 4:40'ish it's that bhabi song!
  11. Raji

    Punjabi Rappers on India's got Talent.

    Am I the only one that is totally offended by him? I was in the car with my baby brothers and he goes off about smoking weed in his car writing songs or something to that effect. And, I know in Rap/Hip-Hop there is a lot worse said however, hearing it out of a Punjabi's mouth left a horrible...
  12. Raji

    diljit the next level feat honey singh.. check it out..

    I only like Desi Darro and dil nachda the rest of the album is bakwas! Ru bu Ru and Panga are okayy...
  13. Raji

    How do you make a chutney sandwich?

    W-O-W. Post of the year?!? the Sloppy-Jhummar....just W-O-W
  14. Raji

    Bollywood Episode of ABDC

    +525722447752789667 I'm hella not watching it anymore....
  15. Raji

    Who would you pic for the elite 8?

    Can't forget a girls best friend... Heerayy!!
  16. Raji

    Who would you pic for the elite 8?

    Sher Foundation, DRP NSJ VCU
  17. Raji

    hey guys how do i make saag paneer?

    And he "can" cook haha
  18. Raji

    fav movie of the summer

    oppss lol