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  1. VaRun59

    Sandeep (AEG) singing @ Gardenstate Bhangra

    so dopeee... time for u guys to go live
  2. VaRun59

    Teri Yo Yo Yo Yo Mukdi Ni Oye

    lol the previous videos were straight marketing techniques for the actual song and to give it some sort of story and background
  3. VaRun59

    Why Desi's are so Good at Business?...............This vid explains everything.

    hahaha and this 1 pound fish man
  4. VaRun59

    gitaz bindrakhia

    lol i hope you know that its not really gitaz singing
  5. VaRun59

    Anakh Punjab Di (APD) Elite 8 Invitational Mix!

    this mix is dope...always loved APD mixes...they're aways mad hype gonna miss them
  6. VaRun59

    NYPD Elite 8 Mix Segments

    Re: NYPD Elite 8 Mix Segments + The Dankest Dhol Loop Ever Linked For Free damnitttt just missed it your mixes are sick bro...bump ...if you find it in your heart to send out one more email hahah make sure its this one >>> :D
  7. VaRun59

    Badal wins again

    hearing about badal and his corruption always reminds me of babbu mann and this song of his babbu maan-aashiquan di line
  8. VaRun59

    FAUJ @ VPD 2012 (2nd Place) straight up beasted bro congrats boys...sick performance cant wait for the party back home ;)
  9. VaRun59

    Teri Meri SLAMBASSADOR REMIX - How I Made It

    love this song mix is sick too...cant wait for the album and the download link
  10. VaRun59

    ****Klasikhz Website Up!****

    Re: Klasikhz Website Up! 2012 sounds sick already...cant wait
  11. VaRun59

    AEG- Sikh Coalition Donation Update

    now i believe you
  12. VaRun59

    funny prank

    why couldn't she open the doors? Pretty sure the front doors never have a safety/child lock
  13. VaRun59

    **BTF Remix Challenge 1: 2 NyCe (5) vs. H.M.N.I. (3)** Winner: 2 NyCe

    Re: **BTF Remix Challenge 2: 2 NyCe (5) vs. H.M.N.I. (3)** B is nastyy
  14. VaRun59

    What the F**k is wrong with singers these days?

    legit songg + 1 to the singer almost topped honey singh there
  15. VaRun59


    Re: AEG Beatbox Boliyan is BACK can i post sargam and manu's limo video form esr? haha