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    Sher Foundation Intro Video for UBC

    Here you guys go: Sher Foundation Intro Video 2011
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    New Khunda - Bhangra Avenue

    Hi Everyone, We have these new type of khunday which are made of proper bamboo (natural look), painted gold foil on it and are a bit more on the lighter side. You can see it at Email me at if you are interested in them. Thanks...
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    Bhangra Avenue Expands . . . . .

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that we have expanded our division to cater other teams which would need outfit help. The new sites are Garba Teams - Fusion Teams - Hindi Film Teams - These are new sites that have been...
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    Anyone here dance other than bhangra?

    Hi , Just wondering if anyone that is on a garbra, fusion or hindi film team. You can send me an email at Thanks Lali Sehmi
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    Sher Dhol For Sale

    Hi Everyone, This is a custom order that was done but never went through. However, I have the dhol including a proper plastic case for travelling and all the accessories needed. I am selling it for a cheap price so email me at if you are interested. To see the dhol and...
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    World Bhangra Competition - Question

    I had a question for all the bhangra teams in the circuit today about a world competition bhangra that might be held soon. Currently, I am in talks with a event management company to organize a competition for teams all over the world to compete against each other. There are the high level...
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    Designer needed

    My current designer is pretty busy and so i wanted to know anyone can help with some work i have. I have images that need to be cut to be transparent and put on a background. Its pretty easy.. hopefully you will have a good stock of vector, grudge and other times of images.. including an eye...
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    How to rip music from Myspace

    Hi Guys, There is a few samples I want to rip from this myspace page. I tried Audacity and Free Music Zilla but was unable to rip them. Would be great if anyone can help me on this! Email me at! Thanks a lot Lali
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    Help - Need to take audience sound of a mix

    Hi Guys, I am no expert when it comes to mixing and cutting up music. I am dancing at a wedding in a couple of days and one of the songs is really messed up due to the background noise. Its the song Tere Bina from Guru and its the second one on the mix. I wanted the girls to change it but they...
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    Need your help - bhangraavenue

    Hi Everyone, I am implementing a few things soon and would like your opinion if this is something you or your team would like to have. There are a lot of new features that are going to come out but i wanted to discuss a few before i make an effort. Customized Tshirt Printing for Teams I am...
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    Order Custom Bhangra outfits and Instruments from India

    Hi Everyone, As Imran has mentioned earlier, i have decided to be the middleman to help teams from all over the world order bhangra equipment and make custom bhangra outfits for their team. I am doing this on the side and definitely have the contacts and expertise to help you in it. I decided...
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    Thank you!

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to take the time out and really thank everyone for the wonderful last few years I have experienced in the bhangra scene. I am leaving this scene satisfied as I was blessed in meeting a lot of amazing people who have inspired me and also been great friends of mine. I...
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    Video Editing Software Help

    I was wondering if someone can recommend a software i can use to edit a DVD i have. I should have the ability to cut different sections, make customized screens and also have a copyright logo in the bottom of it. Please let me know if you do have the software and key for it as well. Much...