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  1. superdholi1994

    Sango - Patate De Panda (Official Song?) hey guys, is this the official song? cuz i haven't heard this beat for a while thanks for the replies :) - Sango - Patate De Panda - J-Dawg Jay - The Notorious (Intro)...
  2. superdholi1994

    Dhol playing skills, HELP! (Tirikita?) 0:14 - 0:22 Thanks guys :)
  3. superdholi1994

    Which stuffed toys should I get for Valentine's Day?

    Hey everyone :) Just needed quick help because I'm confused about what stuffed toys should I get for Valentine's Day :-\ Feel free to comment/reply Thanks, ~Shiv~
  4. superdholi1994

    Back to Canada with my new dhol (Airport help)

    Is there anyway how to travel to Canada with my new dhol: like security check, padding, anything than I'm not sure of? I got my new dhol with accessories and flight case(regular fiberglass)
  5. superdholi1994

    New Dhol: something strange about Unbleached Raw Goatskin?

    Hey y'all, what's going? So I got my new pakki kachi taali dhol from Kukki Jogi, everything's in good shape, except dagga side: the thickness of rope is 5/16"(0.3125"), my Tilli side outer rim is aprx. 12.5"(GBC - 13") my dagga head lip to lip: 13", it could barely fit because I couldn't get...
  6. superdholi1994

    Any flight case in India?

    Hey guys, where to I get any dhol flight case in India? I think I'm going back to Canada soon in 9 days Thanks for the replies :) ~Shiv~
  7. superdholi1994

    Turban training/tying centre?

    Sat Sri Akal dosto! Can anybody tell me where the turban training/tying centre is? {Greater Toronto Area(Ontario, Canada) or Punjab, India(Ludhiana or Chandigarh)} Thank you for the replies
  8. superdholi1994

    Checking out bhangra dhols in Ludhiana, Punjab, India

    Hey everybody, does anybody know where to find any dhol shops in Ludhiana? Thank you for the replies :) (Either ustadji's shop, music stores, etc.)
  9. superdholi1994

    Types of goatskin(Drumhead)(Dagga)

    Hey everybody! Just a quick curious question, so what's the difference between gray goatskin and white goatskin? (For dagga side)
  10. superdholi1994

    Crazy dhol roping!! (must see) :O

    -look at this video starting at 1:29 :o Toti song pardesi jana ...... -i think it's called "one and a half x-roped" or "one and a half diamond roped" -it's 10 lug pothwari dhol with nuts and bolts on tilli side and roped on dagga side -almost like huge single roping and made's it cross...
  11. superdholi1994

    Problem with nuts and bolts! >:-@

    Where do I get internal washers and internal nuts for the inside of my bhangra dhol? I have Remo Clear Ambassador on my dhol and some nuts and bolts are slowly pulling off(angling or angled) just a little bit because it's not handling tension very well >:( FML
  12. superdholi1994

    remo drumhead fitting for bhangra dhol? (just curious)

    hey guys, so just a quick curious question, how can remo be perfectly fit on tilli side? does it have to be 12.5", 12.7", 12.9", or 13.1" outer rim?(not drumhead ring or lip) ???
  13. superdholi1994

    For tilli stick: Bamboo or cane vs coloured tilli

    Hey everybody, I have been currently using my tilli stick with grip that is made of bamboo or cane(i'm not sure how to explain it, lol), i haven't even tried the coloured tilli like all orange, green, red, etc., what do you guys think? thanks for the reply :)
  14. superdholi1994

    Getting Sheesham Dhol in Brampton? :S

    Hi everybody, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Shiv(Shivjot Rangi), and I'm thinking about wanted to get sheesham dhol at Jagjit Textile & Fabrics(99 Kennedy Road South[Brampton]) or at Kala Kendar(1440 Gerrard Street East[Toronto]) what do you guys think? if not, is there any...
  15. superdholi1994

    is there anyway how to make dhol sound better?

    hello everybody i'm just wondering that is there anyway how to make dhol sound better(in case for live recording, live performance, etc.)? you're most welcome to give me as many advice as you want. for example: barrel(amb, sheesham, or fiber), inside appearance & outside appearance(mustard oil...
  16. superdholi1994

    Drum And Bass on dhol (need bols)

    hey guys so i always wanted to learn about doing the 'DnB' beat on my dhol just like bobby panesar or other guys, so i think that i need 'bols' on 'Dnb' please and thank you :) thanks for the reply i tried to do 'Dnb' on my dhol by and i sucked at it, and i really need help :(
  17. superdholi1994

    For Tilli (Stick / Not Head)

    Does anybody know *exactly* how to hold tilli (traditional way to hold tilli vs. the best way to hold tilli), i've been watching some videos of holding tilli and i'm a little confused :( yikes thanks for the reply everyone :)
  18. superdholi1994

    Rope vs Nuts & Bolts for the dhol

    Hi guys, I just wanted to wonder about something..?? [(Rope on Dagga Side & Tilli Side) or (Nuts & Bolts on Dagga Side & Tilli Side)] or [(Dagga Side - Rope & Tilli Side - Nuts & Bolts) or (Dagga Side - Nuts & Bolts & Tilli Side - Rope)] ??and for the dagga side(roped)..(tighten the rope toward...
  19. superdholi1994

    Shivjot Rangi playing the dhol

    my first video of me... Shivjot Rangi playing the dhol my second video of me... Shivjot Rangi playing the dhol again ...playing the dhol [using Amb(Mango) dhol] enjoy, thanks for watching my vids :)
  20. superdholi1994

    GBC(tilli) problems???

    Hi everybody, whaddup?? So I'm just little concerned about GBC, it sounds thin and long sustain and it rings quite a bit for sure because i'm using amb(mango) dhol. should i use remo or should i stay with gbc? my gbc isn't ripped for 2 years and it's high pitched(really). if you think there is...