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  1. KalaShere

    FLASH MOB Opportunity in NYC - Need Dancers [BOLLYX ]

    Hey All, This is Danny Cadet, old man dancer from FAUJ and now, working with BollyX - The Bollywood Workout. Hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer! BollyX is going to be participating in a flash mob in Times Square, NYC this Wednesday in the afternoon (sometime between...
  2. KalaShere

    Hype vs. Form/Grace in Bhangra

    +1 to both posts..alot is being said on the hype vs. creativity vs. form and grace---A lot of points I think are to each his own; But it shouldn't be a versus game with the aspects stated above; they are the key areas that make up a team and their performance/set; they are also the factors that...
  3. KalaShere

    uh oh

    Wowww...double wow for Guppi's return lol The League of Under/Over Extraordinary Bhangramen making a comeback for 2012? Ohhh snapp
  4. KalaShere

    Bhangra Hall of Fame

    Im bringing back the old school and dating myself by saying this but MIT Bhangra and Texas Bhangra during the early 2000s/Boston Bhangra years..those teams were a force back when comps were held in school cafeterias..
  5. KalaShere

    Ban on Notorious Jatt after Burgh/Boston

    Nothing beats hearing "Yaar Anmule" getting played at a banquet hall--hope this song never dies =) Soooo goood =)
  6. KalaShere

    PJD- Amplifier The Last Mix (Imran Khan)

    niceeeeee 8) Facebook worthy? I think so lol
  7. KalaShere

    Omarion Doing Bhangra

    +10000 to this post!! Madd props and respect for Omarion doing his thannnggg and also the other dancers in this set =) With more practice, and work on his nakhre, I see a possible collab/new team in the works : Lalkare Kala-Sheran Di 8) (Its coming...) But this is awesome to see--he is...
  8. KalaShere

    pet peeves in bhangra

    Whenever You come across those closed-minded me and I'll set them straight lol (or better yet call BOTH Joes (AEG) and me haha Its a shame but there are those kinds of ppl in this world; I shrug it off with the mindset that they're not worth my passion (i.e. bhangra ) IS =)...
  9. KalaShere

    Boston Bhangra

    Of course I 8)
  10. KalaShere

    The Miss Pooja Project: Volume 1 - OUT NOW FOR FREE DOWNLOAD - 90 REMIXES

    Duddee this post made my week/month haha Ahhhh Miss Poojaaaaaa ;D
  11. KalaShere


    You all bring up valid a dancer, it is VERY helpful/encouraging to recieve feedback on a performace/runthrough from our peers..we should offer the same respect and feedback to the DJ as well..I mean the mix ( whether it just be a "live" boli or mix of songs ) + routine/formations...
  12. KalaShere

    The Chinese-American Bhangra Dancer ;)

    LOL Been trying to put MTV on that concept for years now.. ( ok so I emailed them twice-this year and 3 years ago haha) But sadly then have yet to email me back...saddd :'( but major props on the documentaries...the more the better- that being sad, I need to get a camera so I could make my own ;D
  13. KalaShere

    New Bhangra Team in Houston Tx

    Don't worry K, I gots you on this one...consider my ticket booked as well 8) ( Just for you Gurbir Haiyye Haiyyyee lol ) But good stuff guys-spreading bhangra 'round like its a habit! Look forward to seing you guys on the comp circle ;D
  14. KalaShere

    Dancefloor "battling" etiquette?

    Haha you know its bad when its 6am, and Bhambi comes up to you and gives you that "Stop Dancing, PLEASE " look....Ah the memories; But forreal that was one of the best (and hella tiring ) afterparty I've been to...I had MP practice that same morning at 9am ( i could barely do a betkaa by then...
  15. KalaShere

    The Official Blowout :: The Only Official BB 17 Afterparty in DC

    If that's the case, guess I'll just roll to Heritage as well...gonna bea local time haha
  16. KalaShere

    Sartinder Sartaj's shows CANCELED

    +1 Sartaaj = BOSS lol Much respect for him; hope he comes out of this on top...he's got great promise 8)
  17. KalaShere

    Would you purchase a DVD or BD copy of Elite 8 2010?

    Just to watch that comp again, (and again, and again, etc. ) I would pay top dollar for it--esp. to see it in HD (+1 to you Jasmeet brother!)..although with the recession and all, the five handed discount does just fine by me too.. ;D Whatever decision Harjot makes, i'm fine by it
  18. KalaShere

    Song help....

    So after searching my mix library ;D , came up wth where I heard it from ( btw, I was a little off with the lyrics- happens when it gets stuck in the head I guess lol ) its from Guardian's Tampafest '09 starts off at 2:49 to 3:19--and just found out it was already posted...Manna...
  19. KalaShere

    Song help....

    sup everyone... been trying to figure out/ find this song that has been stuck in my head as of late- the lyrics goes somewhat like " Putt jattan da velli...Putt jattan da soni..Putt jattan da!" While the verse is being sung there is a repeating backbeat of an algozey... I know its been used by...