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  1. gifty

    Peyton Manning

    You apparently don;t know how horrible Tarvaris Jackson is in the pocket, the guy has absolute zero awareness around him regarding pass rush. You can't just look at sacks numbers and determine pass-pro. Many other variables go into it such as who played where and when.. etc.. We were a complete...
  2. gifty

    Peyton Manning

    Its also very rare for a QB with a great sample size of good play to hit the open market. Drew Brees might be the exception, but he stunk his first 2 years in SD. Its a passing league by design. The new rules in the NFL make teams pass more and more. The back shoulder throw on the sideline was...
  3. gifty

    Peyton Manning

    One decent game against the Patriots, one great game against the Lions. Before you tell me that its only 2 games... That's 2 games that "passion of the Hurst" has never had, nor ever will. Scouting reports coming from everywhere have only shown signs that he's improved much. He's accurate on...
  4. gifty

    A game of thrones RPG

    Best show ever.
  5. gifty

    Bhangra Idols, "Best of the Best" Placings

    I was not impressed with Nachdi at all. Way out of context. At a point it didn't even look like bhangra anymore, just some random movements. Which is weird since NJ is so damn talented. BCC- Major props! Routine was entertaining, had a great flow to it and the x-factors were def on point...
  6. gifty

    NFL trade bonanza

    Eagles.... Ohh man... Nnamdi, DRC, Asante....
  7. gifty

    NFL trade bonanza

    Other's have said, if one man can do the job... its BB.. Also, Nmandi to NY is almost done. That is going to be one scary fucking defense. As well as, Seattle will hoist the Superbowl in the next 2-3 years... DYNASTY IN THE MAKING!!!!!!! PC and JS are surreal
  8. gifty

    NBA lockout

    Well, sides are talking.. Apparently progress is being made. Goodell and D.Smith both attended the NFL Rookies Symphony. But who knows when they will reach a deal, so many mixed reports are coming out.
  9. gifty

    USC 04/05 National title revoked!! That's some straight BS... They should revoke Auburn's as well.. and about the rest of the schools....
  10. gifty

    anyone else pissed off w NYT?

    NYT blows... They charge the living shit out of you... I can't even access them through apps on my droid... Who cares, i don't need any east coast bias :P..
  11. gifty

    NBA Playoffs 2011

    Not a Lebron Hater... i just dont like the guy... Great player, one of the greatest to play the game and could end up being the greatest... I can't call who will win, as both teams match up very well with each other... Every game will go down the wire... and most likely game 7 will decide the...
  12. gifty

    NBA Playoffs 2011

    THANK YOU FUCKING NBA FOR SHOWING PARITY IN THE LEAGUE!!!.. Thank god the Lakers and Celtics are out... Another LA vs Boston Final and i would have prayed for a 10 year lockout to the NBA.... Varan...Boring?? Its gonna get fucking exciting now... Any team can take it now. Memphis keeps showing...
  13. gifty

    league of legends???

    Rift owns WoW
  14. gifty

    HIIT Training Audio

    go to an actual track... sprint the straight part... jog around the curve...
  15. gifty

    New teams, style, and having some class

    You dance like shit, and will never improve... Sorry not trying to offend you........ ^^^^ Thats how your last statement sounds.... Both your posts are regarding that team.... and how they are cocky and arrogant.... again.... DID YOU NOT READ WHAT THE OP STATED? ???
  16. gifty

    NORCAL-Disappointment/Shady Comp

    Until your balls drop and you figure you are not some stupid teen anymore....
  17. gifty

    Quran Burning in Florida

    Killing of civlians/officers in Afghanistan...
  18. gifty


    Re: Pick up lines by an indian guy! The voice and background music are creepy man.....
  19. gifty

    Cricket World Cup

    INDIA BOUT TO WIN!!! BRUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!