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  1. jdeol

    Bhangra City: Folk With An Edge 2019 Placings

    Had a lot of fun at this competition this past weekend! Didn’t feel like this was a 1st year comp at all, everything was well organized, great panel of credible judges, so shoutout to the committee and everyone who helped make it a success. Also teams looking for a good time and wanting to...
  2. jdeol

    Norcal Naujawan @ Legacy of Bhangra 2017

    You guys should upload that mix. It's vry Nic
  3. jdeol

    ASAP Bhangra @ West Coast 2017

    Nasty Mix
  4. jdeol

    ABC (Apna Bhangra Crew) Gig 2015

    ABC performing at a cousins reception
  5. jdeol

    Dhol Rolls?

    Laagi is probably the most common. Youtube it or google it you can probably find the bhols
  6. jdeol

    Bhangra Regiment MIX @ Bruin 2014

    loved the Bruce Buffer intro
  7. jdeol still working?!? Any inside information?

    I ordered from one of the dudes from Bhangra Avenue about 3 years ago, he knew the DholEtc guy so he got it through him. So possibly try that
  8. jdeol

    Marathon blasting in Boston

    Where's Jack Bauer when you need him?
  9. jdeol

    Boston Bhangra Competition 2012 Predictions?

    1) SPAC 2) FAUJ 3) Furteelay
  10. jdeol

    ***Bhangra Idols Predictions 2012***

    Shan e Punjab. Don't sleep on these guys!
  11. jdeol

    Dhol Nation Academy ....Yes, we're back!

    This made my day!
  12. jdeol

    Kohinoor @ warrior bhangra 2012

    Lol he's not white
  13. jdeol

    Bhangra Idols 2012 Confusion

    Only 5 senior Teams? Is this the final Lineup?
  14. jdeol

    Bhangra Idols 2012 Confusion

    They have a live stream, there will probably be a link to it on thier website
  15. jdeol

    Learning the Dhol...Where to start

    Just master the basics and keep playing all beats until they are clean. Make sure everything is crisp especially your thora/break. Then depending on the style you want for example if you want to have a more folk style, watch live bhangra videos on youtube learn what beats go with what moves and...
  16. jdeol

    describe your last shit using a movie title

    Jurassic Park
  17. jdeol

    Jago party dhol

    I just played at a jagoo yesterday, I sorta have the same problem. Its awkward lol
  18. jdeol

    FCB Drinks Protein

    No dude I got MyoFusion Milk Chocolate its crap. Try Optimum Nutritions Extreme Milk Chocolate!
  19. jdeol

    Bruin Bhangra XIV Predictions

    1) ABC 2) TAG CO-ED 3) AEG