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    Aj Nachna Remix (Aman Hayer)

    hey guys whatup this is my latest mix and yes plz critize plus good criticism would be greatful lol
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    Mera Mahi Tu (dj barha)

    here my new mix hope u guys like it it's a mashup of ghost n stuff . Getting over u and real g's Feedback would be nice
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    Putt Jattan De Remix

    let me know how it is :P
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    Putt Jattan De (sample)

    this is a sample and please tell me how it is critism would be generous :P ;) enjoyyyy
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    Bhangra Mix!!!!

    this is a mix with pretty much all new songs and i need to know how is it and the last track is not remixed by me (Bhago Bagg) please let me know how it is enjoy :)
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    Kalle Kalle Manak E

    hey guys does anyone have this song kalle kalle by manak e
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    Morni Remix

    hey whatup guys i just recently made a mix and i really need to know waht i need to work on and yaa good critism would be nice :P
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    Putt Jattan De - Dj Barha (CHECK THIS OUT)

    hey guys wasup this is one my newest mix check it out leave feedback :D
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    Instrumental Rap Beat? anyone got it
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    Dj RSM & Joe Mann Can't Stop Won't Stop
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    Hoi hoi &Ahh sound effect help

    hey guys ive been hearing like the "hoi" effect in the mixes and they go sumthing like this.. Hoi hoi hohohoii or sumthing , can anyone like teach me the part when the hoi's go sorta crazyy haha ? BTW can someone teach me how to do the echo thing or sumtihng on hte ahh effect i heard it in hte...
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    T.I. song?

    anyone have this TI song i couldnt find
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    Amplifier-Dj Man Up

    tell me how u guys like the remix
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    Dj Ka$h Amplifer(Remix)

    anyone got the mp3 version of it?
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    A Request!!

    hey guys i was wonder if anyone can make a desi mix of the song below (Canada-Debi Makhsoopuri) i need it for a project and i tried to remix not that great,still a beginner, so i hope u pro dj's or mixers can make a desi version to the song thnxxx
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    My Bhangra Mix

    leave comments plzz and tell me what i need to improve on and what i did good on :P hahaha
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    New Kaka and Miss Pooja song i think? anyone have it
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    Ampilfier instrumental?

    i was wondering if i can get the imran khan amplifier insrutmental? :)
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    FL Studio help!

    ive been trying to make remixes on it and its kinda hard casue when i wanna put at where i want it wotn go ther liek itll go to a particular spot :-\ can someone help
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    Dj Barha- Har Gabroo

    hey wasup guys this is one of my remix and i did not put a lot of effort into it and i made this mix in about 30 mins :D so anyways jsut leave comments enjoy ;D