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    America Bhangra Championship (bhangra reality show)

    Or what they could do is cover 3-5 competitions over the year and have their own judging through the viewers to see who they want to see compete as opposed to who the judges declared the winner. Even better would be having a BTF judging section where we as visitors to the site can vote for the...
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    Edmonton Bhangra teams.....dream to join

    search up "GSsandhu" under the members tab, he runs the scene here.
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    BTF BRACKET CHALLENGE 2013! A Chance at $100!

    Up to 14 now I believe, gonna be a tough one this year. 7-9 teams could take the 'ship.
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    Bhangra Showdown 2013 - Jus Reign Lak 28

    the most awkward and uncoordinated boss on the face of this Earth hahaha
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    Lak 28 Girl's sister? Maybe? lol

    hahaha i swear that girl from original post performed at a pre wedding party i was at in the uk last summer. downed half a bottle of vodka before going on stage LOL
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    Amar Sandhu Performing at A Gig In Maryland

    not sure if you found it yet but its called Double Addi. Released by 2Nyce a while back
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    McDonald's first Vegetarian restaurant is in Amristar

    overrated haha. nothing beats a mini mac
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    Kinni Soni vs Levels Sample

    finish it. binder likes it hahaha
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    Ik Gal - Garry Sandhu - Slambassador REMIX

    that was nasttyyyyy. loved how you kicked it right after the slambassador tag. unreal stuff
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    Frank Ocean Channel Orange request
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    Ik Gal - Garry Sandhu ft. Sudesh Kumari (OFFICIAL TEASER)

    anyone have an mp3 of the original by chamkila and amarjot? can't find it anywhere!
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    NHL Playoff Predictions!

    East: Rangers Bruins Panthers Flyers West: Kings Blues Blackhawks Predators If Philly plays the way they been playing, they'll go to the finals. If not, Rangers will go based on pure skill and determination. Out of the West I have either the Blues or the Preds, goaltending wins you...
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    **Tupac @ Cochella 2012**

    Obviously everyone knew there was gonna be a hologram of Pac at some point during the set but when it actually started, it legitimately blew my mind. Just the image of having Tupac, Snoop, and Dre on the same stage like right there, right now was unreal. Common sense and reality went out the...
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    GTV Nachdi Jawani @ Jashan 2012- 1st Place

    Balle Balle by Ashok Gill. It's from Manni Sandhu's album, "My Time."
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    Song Request!

    no i'm looking for the song Gidde Vich Nach Kuriye.
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    Song Request: Kinni Sohni

    i talked to my thia about it. he said he'll call some people and try to get a hold of it.
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    Song Request: Kinni Sohni

    sure thing boss.
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    Song Request: Kinni Sohni

    no problem man.