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    J. Cole - Disgusting *New May 2011*

    J. Cole dropping some heat last hour. Single coming soon. Album is done! J. Cole - Disgusting * New May 2011 *
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    Green Street - Don't Look Down

    These guys within the last few weeks made XXL ...Vibe ....and 2DopeBoyz ....for all you hip hop heads. DL the album and support good music! ....Not to mention of the MC's in the group is a desi brother.
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    Green Street - Don't Look Down

    This group is out of brooklyn. They just dropped an album today - Don't Look Down. Very Jazzy Soulful Vibin' Hip Hop for anyone who likes that. They are very good so I decided to share. Support real hip hop. ----- Their album review on DJBooth ...
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    Song Help Please!!! Putt Jattan De??

    I did search the media center thats why i posted here. I can't find the version with then shenai intro ..........i wanted that exact version that starts at 25 seconds. I would not have posted if I couldn't have found it. IF anyone has that version please post it! edit:: found the song...
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    Song Help Please!!! Putt Jattan De??

    Putt Jattan De - Surinder Shinda - REMIX - Aman Pabla.flv Need help identifying the song that starts at 25 seconds..........i forget the name .....very familiar but names not clicking! Thanks. And if someone has it please post! Thanks!!
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    Elite 8 2011 Results Thread

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    Elite 8 live update thread

    From the sounds of it ....If empire does their usual stuff....they wont be able to touch SGPD. I dont think VCU can match either.
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    Official Bhangra Fever Results 2011

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    Bhangra Fever 3

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    Bhangra Fever 3

    Hoping to hear some good news. LETS GO F*A*U*J!!!!!!! Bring it home!
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    ***February 2011 Mix***

    used Desert Rain! Good stuff!!
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    Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina - Desert Rain

    Hey man I hope you can use that song in ur Feb mix! It would be great. I love the mixes.
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    Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina - Desert Rain

    The guy who did Stereo Love and This Is My Life bring this new track Desert Rain. Track is fireeeeeee. Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina - Desert Rain [Official video HD]
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    APD on Live to Dance TV Show

    Did anyone else just see them on there? they missed their stund and didnt make it :-(
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    Lil' Wayne - 6'7'' (Tha Carter IV) - S23 Dhol Mix

    Yeah...after a couple listens...he goes in harder than in a milli
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    Lil' Wayne - 6'7'' (Tha Carter IV) - S23 Dhol Mix

    Long time since I used ACID pro. This is my first mix since the Lupe one I did a while back. Its Wayne this came out yesterday...First single off Tha Carter IV. Some people have said the track is "A Milli on Steroids"....possibly. Let me know what you think. Constructive...
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    *New* Black and Yellow Dhol Mix

    haha same tumbi and dhol loop i used for my lupe mix. good stuff.
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    VPD 2011 - Official Lineup

    Lets go FAUJ! ....Reppin Boston!
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    Songs one would like to see live dhol to / dhol remixes to?

    So i think im going to do these four songs: Up All Night - Drake ft. Nikki Minaj Love the way you lie - Em + Rihanna Power - Kanye Teach me how to dougie - Cali Swagg District i was just playin along to them earlier...and things seem to work out very well... any up in that list i shdnt do...