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    The Official University of Liverpool Capital Bhangra Mix 2018 (3rd place)

    Check out my mix for The University of Liverpool, who came third place at Capital Bhangra 2018.. Watch their performance here: #LiverpoolBhangraSociety #CapitalBhangra #InaiksBeats
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    *Theke Te Baitha Rehnda - InaiksBeats x Chamkila*

    Light remake on a classic.. InaiksBeats
  3. InaiksBeats

    Zameer - InaiksBeats x Harsimran *NEW MIX*

    New Mix: InaiksBeats
  4. InaiksBeats

    *The Jawanda Mashup - InaiksBeats*

    New Mix: Cheers Guys
  5. InaiksBeats

    Surma Black - InaiksBeats x Savvy Nagra

    Hey everyone, fourth installment is out! Surma Black - InaiksBeats x Savvy Nagra Thanks Guys
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    Dil Tor Ke - InaiksBeats x Master Rakesh

    Third mix is finally out.. Hope you all enjoy
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    Sheesha - InaiksBeats x Mankirt Aulakh

    Hey Guys, Second Remix is Out! Check it:
  8. InaiksBeats

    Nachdi - InaiksBeats x Dippa Dosanjh

    Thanks man! The vaaja was recorded by myself, figured it complimented well! Yeah it's such a good mix, inspired me to make my own with a different style. Thanks again bro
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    Nachdi - InaiksBeats x Dippa Dosanjh

    Hey guys, check out my remix of Nachdi by Dippa Dosanjh..
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    *NEW* Bhangra Banger Sample! (Prod. InaiksBeats)

    *NEW* Bhangra Banger Sample! (Prod. InaiksBeats) Calling ALL Punjabi Rappers and Artists..#UKBhangra#InaiksBeats
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    *Producer Calling All Punjabi Singers! Free Beat!*

    Hey Guys, I'm a Hip Hop/RnB Producer that has just recently started experimenting within the Bhangra field. I'm looking for singers that are willing to put something together. I have folk style beats as well as mainstream bhangra beats lined up. P.S the beat is my first and is generic but this...
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    *Searching For Specific (but generic) Sounds*

    is this the infamous DBI loop that was taken down due to copyright?
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    *Searching For Specific (but generic) Sounds*

    Hey Guys, I'm a Hip Hop producer but just started to learn how to mix for my team. There are just a few loops that are commonly used throughout mixes but can't seem to find. If anyone could send them through, that would be great. 1. (Dhol Loop at...