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  1. Jaiveer

    Nachde Yaar Punjab De(NYPD) @ Bhangra at The Bell 2014 (Balcony View)

    Has NYPD wrapped up? They will not compete anymore?
  2. Jaiveer

    Bhangra Regiment MIX @ Bruin 2014

    Can you post the link it is not appearing
  3. Jaiveer

    Bhangra Knightz - Wbbc 2013 MIX

    Plz can you post the original mix or will it be posted. I think its first time when Bhangra Knightz are not going to post there mix.
  4. Jaiveer

    Bhangra Knightz - Wbbc 2013 MIX

    Lots of indian team including my team really need your wbbc mix to perform on competitions because the ending of your sequence was one of the awesome we have ever seen..please Baljot upload wbbc mix
  5. Jaiveer

    ***CORNELL BHANGRA @ BIB 7 2013 MIX***

    This is not a bhangra mix all i can hear is western music ..i am sorry if anyone feel bad but its my point of view.. where is dhol songs? Just adding punjabi songs into mix doesnt make your mix as a bhangra one.. NYPD SGPD are teams which is fully into bhangra mixes.
  6. Jaiveer

    Mixes you've always wanted

    You can have NYPD ELITE8 2012 by simply google it and it will give you a link its in BTF itself. I am still waiting for BK and furteelay shaukeen from WBBC. Please give the link if someone have it
  7. Jaiveer

    Official Ankhile Putt Punjab De Bhangra Wars 2013 Mix

    Not able to see the link of mix buddy.. can anyone please paste the link once again
  8. Jaiveer

    VanCity Bhangra at Bhangra Idols showdown - GTV video

    First of all i was so damm confused about slow motion in the starting i thought Harjot Hundal did some was hella sick Daang segment was you guys tight up with each other. Jugni ji song is made for you after watching your steps. In future if you have tryouts so it will be...
  9. Jaiveer

    School of Bhangra at Boiler Bhangra 2013

    Sorry to say your dholi ruin your 3:09 he was trying to show he is fed up yeah understand it can be happen with anyone but this is not the way to show disrespect.its our pagg not a helmet Bhangra is very good guys..sunlite mix is too good as always...sync totally good
  10. Jaiveer

    BTF Megamix April 2013 (Download Link Attached)

    Can anyone tell me the song name at 40:37.????.the same song used by Bhangra Knightz at wbbc
  11. Jaiveer

    The Line Up

    One of the best and competitive lineups in US CANADA Bhangra history
  12. Jaiveer


    when you are going to post AEG Chicago mix?
  13. Jaiveer

    **VanCity Rises - Bhangra Idols MIX 2012**

    Karan how can we get punjabi song of jaswinder dhagmia??
  14. Jaiveer

    **VanCity Rises - Bhangra Idols MIX 2012**

    Karan as i can inbox my words on facebook but when work is awesome and deserve to be appreciated then it should be like open forum...i havent seen the video i just want to see how you guys started and how your performed on dub ch revolver and first song which you guys put video... last your...
  15. Jaiveer

    Gabroo Rangiley @ BAB @ 2012

    when you guys gonna upload your mix??
  16. Jaiveer

    Anakh-E-Gabroo Bruin 2012 MIX FINAL

    i was waiting for this i am huge AEG fan ill use this mix in my own bhangra group sequence..thank you to sargam who made the beautiful and most energetic remix i have ever heard... :) ;)
  17. Jaiveer

    Anakh-E-Gabroo Bruin 2012 GTV

    Guys you have shown that age doesnt matter,what matters is your interest,dedication and passion...navi sandhu did an awesome job and how you do choreo hatss off to you to be AEG fan
  18. Jaiveer

    Anakh-E-Gabroo Bruin Mix?

    Yeah it will be done...
  19. Jaiveer

    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Bruin Bhangra 2012 GTV

    when can we get your mp3?
  20. Jaiveer

    **VanCity Bhangra Mix @ Bhangra Idols**

    what is the name of the singer of the song HURR you used in starting?