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  1. Raji

    Christmas Shopping

    I haven't even started yet.... Ahh! I hate going shopping with all the crowds and forget trying to find parking! So, this leads to me to my question.... If you get one gift what would it be and why!? What would I want: someone start and finish all my Christmas shopping... ;D
  2. Raji


    Hey!! So, I need to make a really creative PowerPoint or Presentation are any of you on here skilled when it comes to creating presentations? If so, help!! Thanks! Raji :D
  3. Raji

    Global Bhangra Competition - Line Up!?

    When are they announcing teams?! Before, I end up spending $60 bucks on tickets... ???
  4. Raji


    Suggestions...?! Summer school starts up tomorrow and I want to watch a good movie tonight... any suggestions?
  5. Raji

    Bruin Review

    Okay, so now that I'm fully rehydrated and can't talk due to not having a voice and since everyone is still knocked out (Boo!) I'll go ahead and write up my review. First of all O- M -G all the teams were off the hook times 390209320!! I would have hated to be a judge last night... even though...
  6. Raji

    Hot, Fried, Wet Balls...!?

    Relax is Gulab Jabmin! And if you have left overs make sure to....>
  7. Raji

    Ace n Nana Cd- Track # 5 Nachde Punjabi

    Does anyone who sang that song originally or where I could get it? I want the entire song... ??? Thanks in Advance!
  8. Raji


    Bruins in a few weeks... the selfish person that I am I've been thinking who's going to have a sick(er) mix.... AND which mix will I get.. ;D My vote goes to 1.) BMW 2.) LBC
  9. Raji

    Happy Birthday

    BTF..... ;D I can't believe its been a year already... where has the time gone?
  10. Raji

    Graphic Designer(s)

    So, some of you have some kick ass designs-what programs do you use or for the lack of understand how do you guys make them? I need to make a monogram a really basic one however, I'm not sure how to make one. If someone could help that would be great. Thanks!
  11. Raji

    CSUN Results

    1. APD 2. Texas 3. Bhangra Knights/JATT :o
  12. Raji


    Hey Guys, SO, I need a mix made for an upcoming wedding and I wanted to see if anyone on here would be interested in helping me. I tired to make it myself and that was jokes for days... so, if someone could help me I'd be so thankful...please PM me and I'll give you details and such! :)...
  13. Raji


    I don't know if this is a repost but I just heard the album and I love it! ;D
  14. Raji

    Does anyone have this song?!