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  1. MPElive

    Rooh Punjab Dee @ Warrior Bhangra 2013

    Amazing Boliyaan, few mistakes on the Bethkan but my brothers rocked California. So glad you guys got to compete after getting rejected at the border, coming back to Toronto and waiting for the standby flights. Can't wait to see GTV Videos.
  2. MPElive

    Warrior Bhangra Competition 2013 - Official Team Line Up

    Probably one of the best Live lineups I have seen in a while. Bhangra Masti 3, Round Two: KFAC, SIAC & Rooh.. Great Music Lineup as well. Good luck to all the competing teams.
  3. MPElive

    Teams using cones to frame the stage

    Not a big fan when teams use cones to make sure they formations are nearly perfect. I have seen dancers looking at them rather than interacting with the audience while on stage. Rule of thumb for me: If you use the PROP in your routine somwhere and have placed as a marker as well, I wouldn't...
  4. MPElive

    Bhangra in the Burgh 6 Show Order

    Re: Bhangra in the Burgh 6 Lineup This is first Burgh competition I will missing is past 6 years. Good luck to all the competing teams as lineup got heavy hitters. 2 live events I will miss for sure this weekend: Bhangra in the Burgh & Ravens all over the Steelers at their home turf.
  5. MPElive

    Judging at BAB 2012

    Lavesh, I believe Sidhu/Govind has covered majority of the questions and concerns you've had regarding your performance. It is judges' responsibility to point out what they liked in the routine and what a team can improve on for their future performances. In my opinion, your team received the...
  6. MPElive


    Varela saved Portugal today as both teams played sloppy defense and really, how many breakaways does Ronaldo need to score a goal for his nation? Denmark certainly came to play in this tournament and has surprised everyone. If the Dutch win tonight against the Germans, every team will be tied...
  7. MPElive


    Poland/Russia Netherlands/Germany Spain/Croatia England/France Spain beats England in the Semis and The Dutch beat the Germans in the other Semi.. Dutch shall win the Euro Cup 2012 :)
  8. MPElive

    Furteelay Shokeen at MLIB 2012

    Congratulations guys!! Furteelay Shokeen have made huge strides since I saw them at their first competition Jawani in Toronto. This is a much better performance than VPD as the dancers were full of energy. Few things to remember for next competition: I noticed that execution on some of the...
  9. MPElive

    Bruin Bhangra XIV Line-Up

    Wow, 4 competing teams from the East Coast.. Good luck to everyone as that's one hell of a lineup.
  10. MPElive


    Correct me if I am missing something.. Isn't SMD competing at Bayside Bhangra on April 14th? ???
  11. MPElive

    Peyton Manning

    Dolphins are in desperate need of a QB and they have made some major changes for the upcoming season. I see him playing for the Dolphins as they fit his style of playing. Cardinals would be another team that will turn their season around if they were sign him. Defensively, they are already...
  12. MPElive

    Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2012: Judging Package

    I don't think judges should be changing the scores at all which will defeat the purpose of marking the team fairly. Personally, I start off at 75 as my median and mark the team accordingly. I have seen teams go 1st or 2nd and set the bar high where no team is able to match the performance...
  13. MPElive

    NYPD performing at Elite 8 2012

    Big fan of a Folk set brought to Elite with several gimmicks which tends to please the judges with several "Wow" factors. Really creative set and liked the start of Jhummar. I think what hurt you the most was cleaniness of the rountine and going 16 dancers, mistakes are bound to happen. Keep...
  14. MPElive

    Elite 8 Results

    This was the team everyone was debating on to get the bid for Elite 8. Congratulations UNC Bhangra Elite.. 2 wins in two weeks.. Keep up the good work.
  15. MPElive

    Elite updates

    If UNC are as clean as Burgh & VPD, they will take it home. Otherwise NYPD will take it for their creativity.. Good Luck to all the teams..
  16. MPElive

    Elite updates

    SID is already a winner considering this is APD's last performance as a team. Congrats bro.
  17. MPElive

    Rangla Punjab Bhangra Competition Results!

    I believe NSM are going to Jashan Bhangra in April and the committee accepted them before this incident took place. Personally, as a competition organizer, I would not allow them to compete at such an amazing comp (Jashan). Shoutouts to all the judges for making their points clear on BTF.
  18. MPElive

    * My Life Is Bhangra 2012 OFFICIAL LINEUP *

    Well balanced lineup for a first year competition. Good luck to the organizers :)
  19. MPElive

    East Side Alliance's New Year Resolution: Create a Blog

    Gandi Janta Yo!! ahahaha.. Looks like Sumjit really wanted that Butter Chicken from Tasty Bite..
  20. MPElive


    Battle of the East Coast.. Awesome lineup as it's extremely well balanced and looking forward to what the teams bring out to North Carolina.. Good luck to the organizers and all the competing teams.