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  1. Sgill93

    Virse De Waris DDA 2013 (1st Place)

    Since it never got posted. This was our last performance and third consecutive '1st place' and Dhol Di Awaz, enjoy! Virse De Waris [V-DUB] @ Dhol Di Awaz 2013 {1st Place}
  2. Sgill93

    Ankhiley Gabroo @ GHG 2012 (2nd Place)

    The team placed 2nd at this competition. Hope you guys enjoy the set. :) Ankhiley Gabroo @ GHG 2012 Jori's Orange- Baljot Gill/ Sunny Gill Yellow- Ravi Parhar/ Jagdeep Bura Blue- Jasdeep Bura/ Jaskaran Pabla Pink- Harminder Chahal/ Amrit Sanghera Dholi- Gurgulshan Singh Singer- Sonu...
  3. Sgill93

    Ankhiley Gabroo @ GHG Mix

    here's their mix from the ghg fresno junior competition.
  4. Sgill93

    Getting a laptop, Suggestions??

    Whatsup btf! i was going to be getting a laptop very soon and wanted to hear your guys' thoughts, previous purchases, overall outlook on different laptops since im not too great when it comes to that. **(limit)-Just to help save you and i time, i'd say the laptop shouldn't exceed $2,000 and...
  5. Sgill93

    Sundran tu melan di Rani (Sample Mix)

    Feedback is cool. ::)
  6. Sgill93

    acid pro help (clip properties)*

    i dont need any sort of help with mixing persay but i have another prob. so i was mixing in acid and opened clip properties and i dragged it off to the side to clear the way. now when i try to re-open clip properties its nowhere to be found and i have no clue how to bring it back. its hiding...
  7. Sgill93

    Gig Performance (JJD)

    any criticism is allowed, helpful things preferably JJD Gig
  8. Sgill93

    Gig mix from a while back

  9. Sgill93

    Kothe te speakers goin hammer REMIX!

    Better with headphones..
  10. Sgill93

    Wiz Di Jawani mix-SunnyG

    My break from studying for finals!
  11. Sgill93

    BlacknYello Khalifa bhangra mix-SunnyG**

    just a lil sum'sum' i made for a friend but thought i'd share with you guys. Leave some feeeedback
  12. Sgill93

    Mega jhumar mix- SunnyG and *Gsingh* ;)

    Leave some feedback por favor. enjwai =).
  13. Sgill93

    salaaman mix-chamkaur khattra (new)

    just something i put together, song is sickkkk
  14. Sgill93

    Drake Punjabi mixtape

    just a bunch of songs i liked mixed with good ol drake feedback is always appreciated
  15. Sgill93

    anyone know how to make a tag or trademark in a mix

    like through a generator or something? or do most people just record their voice and then mess with it?
  16. Sgill93

    Maan doabe da at fresno. check itt

    sorry bout the shrieking, you know how sisters get <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  17. Sgill93

    Mix (Diljit-Punjabi)

    Just a simple mix, threw the song and a beat but i think they go well together. if you like it, enjoy. if not, i apologize.. its all for your listening, i dont care for feedback but its appreciated.
  18. Sgill93

    Junior Competition (Fresno) Results

    1.Shan-e-punjab little stars 2.Shan-e-punjab golden boys 3.Maan doabe da
  19. Sgill93

    Song help

    can someone post this song. go to like :41 seconds kacheri much appreciated
  20. Sgill93

    help with words bindrakhia song

    i was never able to figure out what he says right here!! from 1:45-1:50! Bindrakhia Jatt