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  1. roohinor

    Gabroo Rangiley @ Big Apple Bhangra 3 (Middle View)

    As per their request, here is my view of Gabroo Rangiley's performance: Gabroo Rangiley @ Big Apple Bhangra 3
  2. roohinor

    BAB Performance Videos

    If any teams from Big Apple wants the video of their performance I recorded, please PM me. I have every team except for Gajjdi Jawani (battery died during your performance, :( sorry) Let me know. Thanks!
  3. roohinor

    Happy 22nd Birthday, Saab!

    Happy 22nd birthday to our very own Ram! (aka Saab on btf) Hope you have a wonderful day from all of us here! :)
  4. roohinor

    GHG Bhangra Competition-Fresno Placings

    As told by attendees of the competition: 1st - Gabroo Punjab De 2nd - East-West Collab 3rd - Nachde Shaukeen congrats to the placing teams, hopefully videos will be up soon!
  5. roohinor

    Happy Birthday Saab!

    Happy 21st Birthday Ram! (Saab) - BTF Wiki Mod Hope it's amazing and have a great one! Thanks for being so awesome! :) Lots of love, EVERYONE! :D
  6. roohinor

    mad talent

    just thought this was pretty cool, dude's got mad skill. check it.
  7. roohinor

    Panga - Diljit

    Can anyone post it, si vous plait? Merci beaucoup, in advance people.
  8. roohinor

    Yo Taylor AND Beyonce, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish...but

    ...this dude has the best videos by far. lol, funniest thing ever.