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    Publishing Judges' Scoresheets

    I'm not sure if this has been said in the past, but I think as a community we could all benefit from publishing the judging scores/comments for the following reasons: 1. Transparency. We might not always agree with the placings of varying competitions because judging has an inherent subjective...
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    Dancing in CT

    Hey, Just wanted to shoot out a post to see if there is any interest for a independent team here in CT. There is HB and Yale Jashan as collegiate teams, but not really much of an independent team present. If there are any ex-collegiate dancers in the CT area or even the New England corridor...
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    Guru Gobind Singh College sanghera bhangra inter university 1st 2015

    Its been awhile since somebody put up a solid live performance from Punjab-really enjoyed this performance and these guys had some killer execution. Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did
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    Form Evolution

    I have been meaning to get a discussion going on this-I have been watching videos for some time and have noticed an interesting shift in execution of footwork in bhangra-at least from my perspective. A LOT of teams, whether they are independent or collegiate seem to be adopting a style of wide...
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    *Husky Bhangra 2nd Place R2B2, 3rd Place Nashville and Sunset*Please Critique!

    Hi everyone, I've put below Husky Bhangra's videos from this past semester. Its been a blast competing and meeting so many great teams (esp our friends on I-Bhangra, Buckeye and Hurricane!). Its been an honor and pleasure to also see the growth in a team made up of a majority of first-time...
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    R2B2 Review

    I feel like comp reviews aren't done enough by teams, so hopefully we can get one going for R2B2 Mixer- This was my first mixer that had both Raas and Bhangra teams- I think the committee did a good job of engaging both sides and making it fun. Though I think there should have been more...
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    BTF Certified Comps

    Hey! So a lot of the recent discussion that has focused on competitions, judging and the overall direction of the circuit got me thinking about the overall structure of the circuit. What would be the feasibility of having "BTF-certified" comp? What I mean by this is some sort of way to discern...