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  1. monisingh

    ***Wanted: Dhol Hardcase Brampton Area***

    Need a hardcase for my dhol. used or brand new, used must be in good condition... if you got pics send it through pm or to my email with the price: Prefer if the width is 16 or 17 inch
  2. monisingh

    dhol sound sustain problem

    ok so I had this drum for a year now and it sounded great when I first got it, but since january ive been noticing that no matter what skin I put on it like remo ,evans or gbc it does not have a lot of sound sustain anymore, I always tuned it the same way...put the skin on then protection ring...
  3. monisingh

    Giddha/ lehriyan breaks and thora`s bols

    anyone got any giddha breaks and thora`s for dhol or dholki they want to share, I know the basic ones but wanna try some different ones
  4. monisingh

    song help

    ok so I need help with a song it starts at 35 seconds into the video if you have it then can you please post it or pm me, and if you recognize it then well jazzy b copied the tune ;D and btw janak raj is on dhol if your wondering... BHANGRA KOSHISH 2008.avi
  5. monisingh

    dhol sounds like tin can

    ok so I got a problem with my new dhol I bought just the barrel and varnished it and did up the bass roping, treble the bass sounds good but the treble sounds just like ass I can`t get any loud resonant sound out of it and i will admit the kinaar of the dhol is a bit off in some...
  6. monisingh

    varnishing wood help

    Hey guys Im gonna be doing a little dhol project over christmas break and I want to know what kind of varnish I should use If I want a clear finish ( water based, oil based etc) since im not a fan of the yellow varnish to give you guys an Idea of what Kind of finish im going for here`s a pic of...
  7. monisingh

    Carved dhols?

    Anyone know where exactly in punjab (other than kukki jogi`s shop and dhol factory) that sells carved dhols wanna get my hands on em but kukki jogi is a bit expensive
  8. monisingh

    Lets go back 54 years

    Thought I share theseBhangra/Dhol from Naya Daur (1957), Clip 1 Bhangra scene from Naya Daur (1957), Clip 2
  9. monisingh

    Me singing Lishkarey tere kokey by dj sanj and karan mc

    Ok I have been singing for the past year. Please put some feedback Would really appreciate it if you like and if you have any requests for me to sing anything just let me know :) lishkarey tere kokey Moninder Singh
  10. monisingh

    Rare bindrakhia video

    Okay the video that i posted below has already been posted but I was snoopin through youtube and I found a longer version on youtube To hear the part that gets cut off in the other vid that was already posted skip to 6:20 or if you wanna listen to it from the beginning then enjoy :D surjit...
  11. monisingh

    Ustad Bittu on dhol

    Ustaad Bittu Dholi - Mirza on Dhol
  12. monisingh

    Dhol ustaad shops in ludhiana ?

    Alright so im going to india for about 2 weeks and want to get a dhol from an ustaad but I prefer if they have a shop since im not a student, I know bittu ustaad has a shop but don`t know where in ludhiana maybe jasraj93 can help me out their ;) .
  13. monisingh


    i have a dhol for sale will accept any offer between $180-$200 I am located near the intersection of bovaird drive and chingacousy in brampton ontario Looking for local buyers for full information please click the link below...
  14. monisingh

    Kinar ?

    any dholi wanna help explain what it is, some people say that they had to tune there kinar to get a proper sound from their dhol but what is a kinar and how do you tune it any one want to explain it
  15. monisingh

    dhol thilli

    any one ever use smooth white remo on their dhol or a fyberskyn how much would you rate the sound, sustain, and lifetime of it out of 10 thinking of getting it
  16. monisingh

    remo help

    ok so my dhol is about half sanded and i want to know which 2 remo skins (has to be a diplomat not ambassodar) has the best sound acording to you this will be going on a sanded nagi kachi pakki when i finish sanding the rest of it and oiling it up remember pls put 2 diff remo diplomats...
  17. monisingh

    jugni,mirza song lyrics help

    hey guys i need some help with getting some classic jugni and mirza lyrics if anyone has it then please post it i#m looking for the ones in these 2 videos Dhol Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti and in this vid raju starts singing at 1:22 Raju Johal i really appreciate if anyone has the lyrics
  18. monisingh

    sanding dhol helppp

    i want to sand my nagi kachi pakki and i want to know what grain sandpaper i should use and how many coats of mustard oil do i use and where can i get the sand paper and can someone explain the process step by step i would really appreiciate it
  19. monisingh

    dhol buying help

    wanna buy a dhol back in punjab but i need some good shops to get 1 made from i heard good things about calcutta house and gurdial sing musicals i prefer if you can recomend any shop in ludhiana or jalandhar and btw how long does it take to make 1
  20. monisingh

    where to get straight barrel dhol made in punjab

    where in punjab can i get a straight barrel or a custom made straight barrel i would prefer if you know anyone or any shop in either ludhiana or jalandhar btw don`t recommend nagi dhols cuz i already have a nagi dhol 8) and i want to get a straight barrel from punjab cuz the nagi is kinda small