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  1. sajan250

    Texas Bhangra Nachle Deewane 2015 Mix

    Hey btf community! Here's TXB's 2015 mix! It was our first time making a mix, so we're definitely looking for some constructive feedback! Shoutout to DJ Prince for making Phatte Chuk Di for us!
  2. sajan250

    Texas Bhangra @ Nachde Nashville 2015 - PLEASE DO NOT POST

    Hey guys, We'd appreciate it if anyone with a video of our performance would refrain from posting it! If you have a video, please send it to! Thanks! Anish
  3. sajan250

    Desi Junction Djs - Prince Sharma - Das Ja 2 (dhol and bass mix)

    Sick track by DJ Prince Sharma and Desi Junction
  4. sajan250

    Song Help

    Anyone know the duet at 12:15?
  5. sajan250

    Boiler Bhangra Competition Review

    Congrats to BU and MBT on their placings! We really wish we could have been there to dance with all the teams! So even though we ended up not being able to make it to the competition, I still wanted to write a review on the post-acceptance part of it (which I feel is also an important part of...
  6. sajan250

    "What does bhangra look like?"

    One of my friends is a journalism major at the University of Texas (where Texas Bhangra is from) and her current story is over bhangra (She has been around our team for the last three years - so she knows what we do). One of her interview question is to describe what bhangra looks like to...
  7. sajan250

    Texas Bhangra Sin City 2013 Video - Please don't post!

    Hey Guys! If anyone has a video of Texas Bhangra from Sin City this past weekend do you mind not posting it. If you have a video, can you please send it to! We still have a few performances left this semester. Also, congrats to NSG, Bruin, and Regiment! We enjoyed...