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  1. aman dhaliwal


    Dhol with sexy baby cheema sialkoti { yasir raj dj}.mp4 i cracked up when i saw this lmaoooooo
  2. aman dhaliwal

    New GADVASU vid

    had so much fun dancing in this performance gadvasu bhangra part 3 2009
  3. aman dhaliwal

    i phuck u

    funny indian fight lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. aman dhaliwal

    jagmohan kaur breaking it down to live dhol

    Jagmohan Kaur the dholi is amazing
  5. aman dhaliwal

    live set and there time limits in north america

    i think that like in india a set should be allowed to be from a min of 10 and max of 12 mins not including the sher but from the first thordaa of the entry. does everyone else agree?
  6. aman dhaliwal

    wanna see somthing really cool ????? ok now focus on the center.... watch it on full screen.. and no its not one of those fuckin pop out scary things .....its really actually pretty cool try it
  7. aman dhaliwal

    malwa part 3 (gadvasu)
  8. aman dhaliwal

    dholis in Pennsylvania needed will pay

    is there anyone in the penn that can play?
  9. aman dhaliwal

    looking for dancers in the md,va,dc area goin live

    looking for danceres in the va,md,dc area ,,,,were goin live and need dancers asap ....please contact me
  10. aman dhaliwal

    fucking riots

    i wanna come home mann my flight is on the 28th man wtf im tripping out
  11. aman dhaliwal

    reviews on flights to and from india

    what airline do u think is good and why..... (cant wait to be back)
  12. aman dhaliwal

    bhangra BOLIYAN

    im still drunk...but yea if yall have some boliyan anyone of yall that u made up ur selfs record that shit and put it up ill be posting some soon