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  1. jdeol

    ABC (Apna Bhangra Crew) Gig 2015

    ABC performing at a cousins reception
  2. jdeol

    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Bhangra Idols Best of The Best 2011

    Here's one of the videos of the amazing performance done by ABC. Finally bringing the first place idols trophy home :D
  3. jdeol

    Help with dhammal songs

    Can someone please post some good dhammal songs please
  4. jdeol

    How do you tighten saaps??

    I Need help, can someone please tell me how to tighten a saap
  5. jdeol

  6. jdeol


    Hi, I made a mix today, using mixcraft and I tried opening it with itunes, but it wouldn't work. Can someone please help me?
  7. jdeol

    Any teams in surrey need a dholi??

    Any team fromSurrey if you need a dholi you can PM me
  8. jdeol

    A piece of History... Rayman Bhuller at a Dhol comp

    Rayman Bhuller
  9. jdeol


    I am buying a new dhol very soon, and i know the best place to go is india but its not possible for me to go there. I have been looking at dhols online, for those with the experience where can i get the best dhols, i was thinking dhol factory, or dhol etc ?
  10. jdeol

    Mixcraft - loops

    Hi I just downloaded Mixcraft, and I want to make/ try to make a mix , does anybody know where I can get good loops from?
  11. jdeol

    music sites

    Hey Does anybody know any good sites where i can get good rap and hip hop music? Thanks
  12. jdeol

    Rip from youtube

    Does anybody now any programs or website that i can rip youtube videos from and out them on my i phone?
  13. jdeol

    Dhol - Laggi

    Hii Does anybody know the bhols to laggi, ?
  14. jdeol


    Does anybody know how to download movies on a Ps3?
  15. jdeol

    New dhol

    I wanna get a new dhol , does anybody know where i can get the best dhol from?
  16. jdeol

    New Dhol

    I wannna get a really good dhol, does anybody where i can get the best dhol from?
  17. jdeol


    I have been playing dhol for about 5 months, and i got all the basics down nice and clean, but i need a neww beat or somethin, maybe some tri kits or just anything that sounds sickk Can you dholis give me some feedback thanks