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    Bhang for the Cure, Bhangra Competition

    Really great idea. Loving the charitable contribution!
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    The Alliance is Coming!!

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    Mix Help

    I'm on a small independent team in Chicago called Hareepa! Chicago that does primarily small local events. We're looking for someone to help us with our mix at a reasonable price. We don't have the budget right now to go all out but would love a more professional sounding mix. Please PM me if...
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    New teams, style, and having some class

    I think it's great that new teams are forming and trying to learn about bhangra but also adding their own style to it and just going out there to perform not necessarily to compete or win. Just because a team isn't traditional doesn't make them any lesser - they're still working hard, practicing...
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    Chicago Loves Bhangra event this Saturday!

    Agreed! I think it was a great event and definitely a way to start some momentum for the bhangra community in Chicago! Hopefully all the teams can work together to make next years event bigger and better! Great job Kate & Ashveer!
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    Major Publication on Dhol, Punjabi Dances, Musicians, Culture...

    Hey all, I was able to download the pdf for free on my hospital's intranet, we must have a subscription to ProQuest, definitely try it out on your college/work intranets! Looks great! Can't wait to read it.
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    Looking for Female dancers in Chicago!

    Hey all, [/size] [/size]We're looking for a couple girls in the Chicago area who are interested in being part of Hareepa! Chicago, an independent multi-cultural all-female bhangra team. [/size]If you're interested, please send me an e-mail at with your information and past...
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    SMD performance at the first SMD wedding!

    haha this is the first time I actually got to see this! Love you girls you're amazing!!
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    Vibc results

    SMD <3! Congrats to all the teams!
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    New Moderator (sound the trumpets, please)

    Congrats! You're my hero. :P
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    Fever results

    Congrats SMD! Love you girls :) And of course congrats to Cornell & AEG looking forward to seeing the videos!
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    university of michigan medical school bhangra!

    Nice job! yes, medical students can do bhangra too! I'm from NYU School of Medicine and we do it every year :)
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    desi dhamaka results

    Just wanted to congratulate the DD committee on putting together such a great show. Everything was very well organized and we really had a fantastic time. All the teams we met this weekend were absolutely phenomenal and everyone did a great job!!
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    Definitely a well-organized show. Congrats to the VPD committee on putting together a great show and to all the teams that placed!