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    ECU Bhangra 2011

    thanks for the feedback everyone! keep it coming pleasee i attached the mix for anyone who wants it
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    ECU Bhangra 2011

    Hey guys, this is ECU Bhangra's performance from Fall 2011 at a show in Raleigh. A bunch of dancers in their 1st and 2nd semester of dancing, so looking to improve. If you have a few minutes leave some feedback! ECU @ TKT
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    what a stupid mix
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    Bhangra Idols, "Best of the Best" Placings

    live stream was so clutch. congrats to all the placing teams. my personal placings would have been : 1st - NJ 2nd - PCBCA 3rd - tie b/w PFA and ABC should be interesting to see judging sheets if they are posted. after having competed at idols last year, the judging is very detailed, and...
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    i think there is a program/software called hypercam, that takes a video of your screen. so you could take a video of the video while it's playing, and then use a mic to dub the videos, rather than what seems to be your phone to the screen, just so people can really see waht you're talking about...
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    BAB results

    I remember Atinder said that for sure, and Govind said that he didn't care if girls did that. I don't think Pashi said anything and Jesse wasn't at the meeting.
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    idk how noticeable this was or if it was something so simple that it was overlooked, but 90% of our mix was live boliyan. i don't know if that might account for the unique selection, but i know what you mean.
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    Nachde Shokeen @ GHG Bhangra Competition Fresno 2011

    if this was 3rd i want to see 1st place. yellow jodi killedd it. loved the old school songs that were thrown in, brings back memories.
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    shivchand gets sent home on indias got talent

    on a less important note, sonali bendre was lookin FINE.
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    mosquito bites

    you know its bhangra off-season when threads like this are the most popular thing on BTF
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    someone please take an hd camera to this comp lol
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    **BTF Remix Challenge 11: Sargam (16) vs. Krazi D (14)**

    track B felt like track A was just a mix of songs, with the original forced into it.
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    Official Bruin Bhangra Placings!

    Agreed. They might be legends as one of the old school teams who made bhangra what it is today, but that was not a 2nd place worthy performance in my opinion. Stopped dancing entirely at least 5 times and just walked around. That's only badass the first time. Veeray deserved at least 3rd...
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    [Shan E Punjab] - Jashan 2k11 Mix

    can someone pleaseee post the song at 3:31??
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    Virse De Waris & Heeray Punjab De @ Bruin Bhangra 2011 (GTVHD)

    lol i dont care if it was bruin, that should've placed
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    Shan E Punjab Arts Club @ Jashan 2011 (GTVHD)

    top 3 performances of 2011 in my opinion..walking up khundey was insane every dancer had great nakhra and energy, black/pink especially killed it can someone post the song thats playing during the khundey gimmick?
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    NORCAL-Disappointment/Shady Comp

    oh ok, i mean i don't have any knowledge of cali to be honest haha. i just assumed oakland was further becuase the competition was charging extra to go there. that's my mistake then.