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  1. chijatt

    UIC Bhangra Nachle Express Mix

    Enjoy. :)
  2. chijatt

    Instrumental Request - Snoop Dogg - Gang Bangin 101 Does anybody have this instrumental? If so, would you mind posting it? Thanks!
  3. chijatt

    Instrumental Request

    Can anyone hook me up with the instrumental to Roll it Gal by Alison Hinds? I can only find the youtube version....
  4. chijatt

    We talkin bout practice?
  5. chijatt

    Song help?

    Does anyone know what the song name is and who sings the song in this clip? See attached.
  6. chijatt

    Simon Frasier University (SFU) Elite @ Bruin Bhangra 2009-GTV
  7. chijatt

    Sikhs fight Army over bans on turbans, uncut hair You would think that the army could accommodate if the only issue is safety...gear can be adjusted but taking someone's religious identity away is just ludicrous.
  8. chijatt

    Teams to look out for in the '09-10 season

    I know there are still a few comps that still need to go down before this season to come to close (most notably Bruin), but there have been a ton of teams blowin up this year. What are some teams that are poised to breakout next year if they keep going the way they have?
  9. chijatt

    GTA at Fusion 8 Where do you get something like the Jatt mascot (7:30)? Crazy!
  10. chijatt

    Intro Vid - MOB
  11. chijatt

    Michigan Mix request

    Anyone have Michigan's mix from Fusion 06? Definite favorite of mine...
  12. chijatt

    MOB Mix

    I thought I'd throw up my team's mix up on the site. I dunno how many of you guys have heard of us but MOB is an independent team in Chicago and this is our mix from a local show we did not too long ago. If any of you guys are in Chicago or know people in Chicago that want to dance let me know...