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  1. Lally

    Gidha/Bhangra teams in Dallas?

    Are there any Gidha and Bhangra teams out in the Dallas Fort-Worth area? If so, please hook me up with some names and contact #s
  2. Lally

    Abby Arts Jr. Boys at Elite Bhangra 2017

    Here is a video of our junior boys performing at Elite Bhangra a few weeks ago. Open to constructive criticism. Enjoy!
  3. Lally

    Who's here to claim the throne?

    Which teams would you say that are a MUST beat in order for you to claim your team as the top team in today's circuit?
  4. Lally

    Abbotsford Bhangra at Bhangra Idols 2010

    ! No longer available
  5. Lally

    Bhangra State of Mind Review

    Team SIAC here.... We were left at the venue with no ride back to the hotel. One of the live judges, one dholi from another team, one of the MC's and one of the Dj's from the competition were kind enough to go out of their own way to give us a ride (thank you to those three indiviuals) Now we...
  6. Lally


    1. PHULKARI (Edmonton) 2. SHAN-E-PUNJAB (Surrey) 3a) NSM Co-ed (Surrey) b) PFA (Surrey) i dun't know about the juniors so yeahh...anyways this shit was hella rigged! FUCK BHANGRA FLAMES, just my opinon =D
  7. Lally


    6 man bhangra perfromance @ india's got talent what do u guys think about this team?
  8. Lally

    LBC!!! khalsa college,ludhiana style ;) another copy of lbc by an indian team!
  9. Lally

    RaviStarProductions...CHECK IT OUT!!! I'm not sure if this video has been posted before but this is awesome! they have a whole bunch of videos of them dancing
  10. Lally

    "Tru Bhangra!!!" can anyone guess who this team copied? can anyone guess who this team copied?
  11. Lally

    Official Bhangra Masti Results and Discussion

    anyone with bhangra masti results???? i can't waaaaiiiit any longer...plz post them!!! thnxs
  12. Lally

    any junior competitions coming up???

    hey guys i was just wondering if anyone knew about any junior competitions that might be coming up soon?