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    How about twitter utte bhejde de deweett soniyea :P
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    Royal Wedding

    haha Ea also after watching clips of the wedding, I question- Why do the Brits possess such terrible dental hygiene? Do they not believe in Colgate or Crest??
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    Little Jazzy Bains
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    ਕੁੱਟੋ ਇੰਨਾ ਦੀ ਬੋੰਡ ਹਾਹਾ
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    sarbjeet cheema's new song YAARI promo

    Man Sarbjit Cheema comon why Aman Hayer Beats are dull!!! Hope other tracks are diffrent shoot!!
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    Inception + Bhangra

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    Punjabi MC- Moorni (swizzee rough remix)

    Simple and Smooth That was proper mixing. Nice brah keep em coming!!
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    Dub Ch Revolver remix

    No Offense bro, but this remix need way too much work!! Work on it, put your hard work in, match the beats, equalize the songs too highs, listen over and over!!! Remember quality over quantity!!!!!
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    Nachdi Jawani Mix

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    **2 NyCe - STEREO LOVE (KINNI SOHNI) (ft. Amar Sandhu)**

    IDK if I am the only one hearing it but the singer is not giving the song full hek or attention. At point I heard singing off pitch it's not but the words and singing make it sound like it. Music iz nice!
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    So Forum Whats your New Year Resolutions?

    Get even with the ex and make more money :)
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    What's your fav. HINDI song?

    Bapu Sada Gum Ho Gaya - Amar Singh Chamkila & Surinder Sonia As far back I can remember, this was most played song over anyone haha
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    Lishkare Apne Punjabiyan De @ Dhol Di Awaz 13

    Wadiya si, keep it up!! Bring a more better one next time!!
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    They'll never change!!!

    Haha always crying! I think Australia need to get over the fact that they aren't the only bad mofo in cricket! PS- They remind me of some of the BTF members Lolz
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    Useless Competition Smack-Talk BRUAH

    If my truck aint on the road, it will be at UBC. Sure I will make sure I meet you there. Juming ass? Well no need for that Haha Koni uthe dekhlange.
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    Useless Competition Smack-Talk BRUAH

    Well a thought for you, if noone else want to say some about their religion not my problem. I defend my own principles. You have no right to make joke on other religions.
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    Useless Competition Smack-Talk BRUAH

    Bro first of all I am not the part of the competition. Second I know Kinnell wasn't the only one to make statement about it. Third I did understood his point but I don't think we need to disrespect relegion to prove a point. And I am not hating on anyone but if Kinnell took offense to my first...
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    Naag 1 & 2 Mixed Download

    Like it
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    Useless Competition Smack-Talk BRUAH

    I suggest you reread the topic again. If i remember right, i know your the one said some about BIG FONTS HIDING SOMETHING, JOKES ABOUT NAME, MAKING FUN OF RELEGION (which you lucky noone jumped your ass about it). Rahi gall lack of info, I remember the guy who introduced himself said the...