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    Bhangra Idols, "Best of the Best" Placings

    You all beef over buckwaas topics, so much beef we can probably make a 10 pound burger patty of beef. Every competition people jump on the winning teams bandwagon or jump off other teams cause they didn't do as well. Stick to your team, do what you gotta do, and show what you got on the stage...
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    Kauran Di Taur @ Jashan 2011

    If what i said is taken as an insult so be it, i just say it straight and don't beat around the bush. My team listened to criticisms that others said and never took it to heart but rather improved on what was mentioned. Now those same people I Thank because of their criticisms we improved and we...
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    Kauran Di Taur @ Jashan 2011

    This must be a new team cause this performance was a not very good compared to all the other ones from did this team get into Jashan Bhangra over others who applied? This team needs major improvement in formations, transitions, learning the moves properly, synchronisation, smiling...
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    Officially Retiring as the Champ or will AEG pull a Mohammad Ali comeback in the near future....Only AEG knows what goes in AEG heads but i got a feeling 'Oh OOOH' ;)
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    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Jashan 2011 (GTVHD)

    Positives 1) the little purple dude has MAAD naakreh loved it dude keep ripping it. 2) Kaato/chimpta segment was nastyyy 3) 5:00 to 5:10 was very unique 4) Mixx was really good 5) energy was all throughout Negatives 1) I don't like the fact they they copied SGPD clown chadra concept 2) Some...
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    Republik mix

    i think their team said after jashan too i been waiting for it.
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    Bhangra Empire @ Jashan 2011

    video is private//?
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    Jashan 2011 Placings

    ABC not placing... Shocked...No Surprised..No Reason: this competition was stacked all the way through, almost as much as bruin, maybe even more in some peoples opinion. The teams were awesome and each brought their best, therefore no shock or surprise here. But its all good, ABC will goto...
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    Bhangra Republik at jashan 2011

    Pretty good performance Bhangra Republik. Very entertaining and much different in a sense from typical calgary teams... this team is evolving quickly and seems like its gonna take them places. Energy was awesome, mixx sounded ill, naakreh displayed by almost all dancers, team chemistry was...
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    is there a jashan live stream??

    nah no stream. wish there was a stream this is gonna be one crazy talent filled comp with so many awesome things to talk about after.
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    Nachdi Jawani @ Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2011 HD (Official video)

    great and original gimmicks....BUT the set was weak and sloppy all over the routine. I don't know if it was cause of mixxing of older NJ with Jawani warriors or just lack of prep or whatever but not upto the NJ standards that everyone knows. All in all unique set but better luck next year.
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    Giant Bhangra Placings

    MVP shouldn't have placed, go the link above and rewatch the performances. I wouldn't say rigged until the masi Judge rumour is credited...and if it is true then giant bhangra has lost even more credibility as a competition. Enjoyed 3D performance ante up yo to them.
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    VIBC results

    Underdog republic came and placed i see...lets see how they do next weekend against a bigger badder lineup in Calgary. Congrats to PANj and Shan-e as well. \ Someone post reviews
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    ANyone giving Updates for VIBC once its underway??

    Like how Swi and others did for ELite 8, is it possible for someone to start a thread and give live updates of each team, how they did and so forth....up until results... thanks in advance
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    SFBC song request

    Kabaddi - Manni Deol & Miss Pooja {Awsome Exclusive Song} Here it is Kabbadi Manni Deol miss Pooja
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    Shera Di Kaum @ Vaisakhi Mela Dallas, TX

    this seems like a new heres the critique...i'll be nice as possible 1) synchronisation is ooooofffffffffffffff 2) learn to do moves properly as a team, everyone does them different and proper use of props (saaps/shikkeh, kaato, kundeh) 3) evolve...your team seems to be doing bhangra...
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    Best Pagg Tier On Circuit?

    DA CAPO Vic Sehdev SGPD
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    Traditional Bhangra Moves/Elements with Names: Youtube Video Collection

    i don't know why embedding disabled but they all wicked videos i use to learn so enjoy :o)