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    McDonald's first Vegetarian restaurant is in Amristar

    The vegetarian options are not the great in my opinion if i wanted something that desi i would rather just have roti. They wouldnt be popular hear i mean aloo and mattar in a burger! the only thing i liked was the eggless mayo. But yea Mcdicks definitely needs a vege burger in North America!
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    EXTREMELY OFF-TOPIC, but how do you guys meet people/date?

    make a trip to surrey or toronto lol
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    Bhangra Idols, "Best of the Best" Placings

    I think almost everybody was surprised at the placings but idols is extremly technical and they can probably provide numbers supporting there placings.
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    Bhangra Idols Interview - The Express

    3:20 LOL look at the them in the back
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    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club @ Bulldog Bhangra 2011 (GTVHD)

    That was killer! One of the most entertaining live sets ive ever seen. Also the singer and dholi were sick!
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    Punjabi Slaves in Iraq

    this story is almost 2 years old shouldnt the documentary be done by now
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    Mayweather still undefeateddd

    Pacmans gotta take mayweather out! that was just trashy, even after the fight i give props to Larry Merchant. The little respect i had for mayweather is gone. Anyone that calls him G.O.A.T. is an idiot.
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    Kids public school bhangra practice in India - pretty cool

    LOL at bhupinders cool handmove @ 1:02
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    BAB results

    anybody got any videos??
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    know any good books...?

    Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series FTW! also Goosebumps is pretty good :P
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    Elite 8 2012 Mid-Year Predictions...

    sounds fair enough
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    i tried all of the 7 days it was open and failed :(
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    Update : Big Apple Bhangra 2011 Live Category Line Up

    line up is too sickk(especially the live category) and when is this competition ??
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    Top Calibur Competitions

    I'd say Bhangra Idols, Elite 8, and Boston are top three. Also I think Jashans getting there its a pretty sick comp.
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    bhangra songs before year 2000

    +1 Jazzy B in his golden days
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    Animals Being D@#!%

    LOL looked through all of them and there too funny haha ;D
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    NHL Playoffs Thread

    Its not even the true nucks fans that are going wild its the bandwagons. They would've done the same even if we won. GO NUCKS 2012 baby
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    NHL Playoffs Thread

    A Boston Bruins Fan in Vancouver (Stanley Cup Final 2011) LOL Go NUCKS GO
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    NBA Playoffs 2011

    Kobe Byrant's Post Game Meltdown this is hilarious!! LOL