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    ANyone giving Updates for VIBC once its underway??

    Like how Swi and others did for ELite 8, is it possible for someone to start a thread and give live updates of each team, how they did and so forth....up until results... thanks in advance
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    In Lieu of Elite 8...

    If Elite 8 was broken down and done categorically who would you pick of Current North America teams 1) 8 All Male Teams 2) 8 All female Teams 3) 8 Co-Ed teams 5) 8 live teams psyched you out with the number 4 bitches haha :P . But seriously who would you pick
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    Jashan Bhangra Polllllll

    JASHAN Bhangra personallly i feel... 1. ABC/PANJ 2. Virse De Waris 3. Shan-E-Punjab Good Luck to all the teams...this is gonna be a hyper event for Calgary Bhangra Scene.
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    What Was the best Mix of 2009??

    What Was the BESTTTT MiX of 2009 in your opinion?? I say post up the best 10 mixes of the 2009 season here and then do a poll to see what everyone liked?? Don't mention dislikes...don't hate but appreciate each teams efforts and talents.