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    wbc bhangra
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    song request

    can someone please post yaar punjabi by gurdaas maan PLEASE
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    Deos anyone have the dhol background beat

    like i dont really how to explain it but it a lot of mixes latly theres a extra dhol beat in the back or just like a hoy hoy hoy hoy beat in the background of a song to make it faster or just easier to dance to and makes the mix soo much better
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    shabad help??? whats the shabd that starts around 20 sec thanks guys
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    best mix you heard so far this season

    whats the best mix you heard so far this season.... so anything after bruin of last year so dont ssay the sher mix lol 1. bmw mix at boston 2. aeg mix 3. sgpd mix groundshaker 2
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    bhangra in
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    charity performance