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    Warrior Bhangra Results

    Live: 1. Rooh Punjab Di (Toronto) 2. Surrey Folk Bhangra Club (Surrey) Music: 1. Bhangra Knightz (Cali) 2. Cal Bhangra
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    Badal wins again

    Although votes are not finalized, Badal is in the lead and will most likely be re-elected for another 4 years. Looks like the reign of corruption and terror continues...
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    1984 Lest we forget

    Sunday June 3rd, 1984 (27 years ago today) All communications including phone lines to and from Punjab are cut. Road blocks prevent anyone from entering or leaving Punjab and all journalists are expelled from Punjab. A total curfew is imposed and as many as 10,000 pilgrims are trapped inside the...
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    Cutest lil kid singing!!!!!

    Check it out around 10:25 for the classics
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    1. SGPD 88 2.VCU 80 3. NJ 78 4. PANJ 73 5. PCBCA 71 6. APD 68 7. BHANGRA EMPIRE 67 8. VIRSA 60
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    United Sikh Global Conference

    Hey guys, the United Sikh Global Conference is being held over this weekend. Various presenters and artists are out to perform. It is being Ustreamed live as I type this out. Check it out
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    PANJ Coed, First Place at Jashan Bhangra 2010

    Enjoy Constructive criticism is always appreciated :) P.A.N.J. Co-ed Jashan 2010
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    Mother Tyranny is Mother India: Indira Gandhi coming to a theatre near you

    Did it to Gandhi Doing it to KPS Gill and now Indira Gandhi and just for laughs....
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    Clips of teams from Texas Gajjde Gabroo Panj Girls Texas Bhangra Bruin Bhangra...
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    Punjab officially loses Chandigarh
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    Gadvasu Bhangra at Inter Agri Uni Fest,Bangalore

    Dont know if its been posted before or not. Our very own Aman is the red jori (taller one)
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    Bhangra Idols 2009 (Un)Official Line Up!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jawani Girls 2. ABC 3. Punjabi Beat 4. P.C.B.C.A 5. P.A.N.J. Boys 6. Kohinoor 7. Duniya All Star Girls 8. A.V.A Coed 9. SFU Elite 10. B.C.C.A. 11. S.G.P.D. 12. T.E.B. 13. A.P.D.
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    PANJ girls @ TBYF

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    Jaswant singing Tutta Dil Hain at TBYF hotel
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    Rubjit Thindal, girl may be H1N1's youngest Canadian victim
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    Air France jet with 228 people on a flight to Paris vanished over the Atlantic
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    Sher Foundation at Boston Bhangra 2008
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    Rutgers University Bhangra at Boston Bhangra 2008
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    PANJ vectoring logo help!

    Hello, could anyone help vectorize our logo and put it into a photoshop format? We need it for printing and the company wont print unless its a vector format. Also the logo attached is color, but could someone send me 2 files; one color logo and 1 only black and white logo? It would be...
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    "MORE BHANGRA 009"

    digging the girls with the full arms for the vardiyan.