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    Jago Music

    Anybody have any jago music they can send my way??? You can email me Thanks in advance.
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    Song request from Elite 8 mixtape

    Does anyone have the song on track 21 from the Elite mixtape?? I looked up the name of the song on the track list but I couldn't find anything. The lyrics are something like " chad do ni kudiyo, gidhe vicho disco kad do ni kudiyo" thanks in advance.
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    SGPD AVAP 08 mix help

    SGPD @ AVAP (Dubbed) do any of you guys know where they got the beat that they used for jhoomer at 3:47???
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    Song help!

    Anyone know the name of this song? "aiven ni moran te gallan hundiyan ni billo tere yaar diyan"