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  1. Kas

    NYPD roller skates?

    Hey guys, Wanted to do a NYPD set at a wedding, I was wondering where did they get the roller skates? If anyone from NYPD could answer me or help me out, that would be great Thanks ;)
  2. Kas


    The owner is selling the site, and my cousin bought it off him and made a new one called ratedesis. Come join guys
  3. Kas

    mix request. SGPD masti 2008

    anyone have this mix? SGPD - Bhangra Masti 2
  4. Kas

    bhangra knights dhol di awaz 2010 team mix request.

    any one have the bhangra knights dhol di awaz 2010 mix?
  5. Kas

    Me dancing for the first time. lol

    Yo, what up guys. So Ive been dancing for 2 years, im self taught, and just want to say, its my first performance, infront of 250 people. just watch and comment and help me improve. I messed up half way lol, I forgot the moves, and I KNOW I made some mistakes looking back lol, but it was the...
  6. Kas

    Song help, Giddeh vich

    Hey. I really need this song, but without the radio edit in the beginning and the end. Im desparate, this will be the first song I will perform to, so its important. Ive attached the file. Its the exact mix thanks.
  7. Kas

    song help

    BOLIYAN LEHMBER HUSSAINPURI & MISS POOJA can someone upload this? Thanks
  8. Kas

    song help

    Bhangra Dancers - Sonay Gabroo Punjab De song at 1:52 please?
  9. Kas

    Who likes fish?

    1 Pound Fish Salesman LOL ;)
  10. Kas

    Song help

    Bhangra FUSION 11.....Guest Performance....awesome bhangra...March 2010 Anybody know the name for this song, or do they have the exact mix they can post Thanks in advance ;)
  11. Kas

    NJ elite 8 2010

    Hey guys and girls, this is old but Im recently new to bhangra, something I need to get off my chest, I always wanted to know why NJ did not win the Elite 8 2010 competition because that was sick and I watch it all the time and wonder how they didn't come first Please explain! :D
  12. Kas

    Karate kid Bhangra spoof lol

    This deserves much more views
  13. Kas

    OMG check these punjabis out

    Hey guys check this vid out, crazyyyyyyyy, I wanna see people do this on their performances ;) (click the video)
  14. Kas


    Hey guys do you know anyone who is selling saaps in the UK or can ship to the UK. I have seen some websites but the shipping prices are ridiculous. I want atleast 2 and will only pay by paypal Thanks Kas :)
  15. Kas

    Bhangra Team UK

    Heyy is there any Bhangra team in Nottingham, UK I would really love to join and im 17, there is a nottingham uni team but dont think I can join because im not in uni, but if any1 knows any other team please let me know P.S are there any pakistani muslim members in Bhangra teams :D