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    How to make a music set

    What are the steps to making a good music set?
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    MOST EPIC BHANGRA COMPETITION OF ALL TIME -- GGN Khalsa College vs. Sadhar Colle
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    Favorite shikka/sapp , kunda segments

    Hi everyone i was wondering what your all-time favorite shikkah and kunda segments are: for example: Sapp: sgpd at masti 2 Kunda: heeray at dda
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    SGPD on Vision TV
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    Does ne one have news on wats happening @ PFDF ?!?!?!

    Can anyone post an update??
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    what team is this???
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    B2B at AVAP

    Back up as per request from B2B:
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    Moderator's Note: Video removed per team's request. for people who wanna see grace....look at the guy in blue
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    Coca Cola 2009 D A V College Chandigarh Part 1
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    pug tying video

    request to sonay gabroo punjab de to re post the pug tying video
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    Team has rumaals tied to

    Do u guys think the rumaals are gonna make a come back other than kunde?
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    PPA video request

    Hey PPA (VCU) i am just wondering if you guys are ever planning to release your groundshaker performance which was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING....i've kept quiet for 6 months but i can't take it ANY LONGERRR!!!
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    IS THIS WARIS PUNJAB DE?? is this actually waris?? if so why didnt they go live?
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    India Team in Canada

    Lol i know everyones prolly seen this one but...wut do u guys thinkk:
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    Question for vcu

    I have question for vcu....i saw u guys at groundshaker for the first time (PPA) and i just wanna know where did u guys learn bhangra from? i mean who is ur ustaad, i bet hes prolly from india since u guys are a traditionial team, i lke how u guys keep it so traditional with ur shoulders, smile...
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    Song Help!!!

    does ne one hav this song???
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    Who feels american bhangra is changing?

    Where do u guys think aamerican bhangra is headed? we seee more traditional teams from america however there are still some fusion teams.... what do u guys think is the future of bhangra?