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  1. akshyz

    ***CMU BHANGRA MIX 2013***

    Loved this mix! Sean picked up playing dhol and mixing so quickly it was ridiculous. Keep it up man. Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff! :)
  2. akshyz

    CMU Bhangra at Warrior Bhangra and 2nd Place at Bhangra at the Bell 2013

    Just want to say that I am super proud of you guys. :)
  3. akshyz

    Bhangra at the Bell 2013 Placings

    Congratulations CMU! From the comments above, seems like there were quite some amazing performances at the competition. Can't wait to see the videos.
  4. akshyz

    CMU Bhangra at Bhangra in the Burgh 6

    Looking good guys! Sorry I couldn't be there. :'(
  5. akshyz

    Bhangra in the Burgh Predictions

    So bummed that I'm missing Burgh after 4 years.. FCB <3
  6. akshyz

    Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus make good friends - Stuff that makes you smile :)
  7. akshyz

    Best of the Best Juniors Restults!

    Congratulations FCB Jrs. !!
  8. akshyz

    (2008-2012) 4 Years of Steel City Bhangra Mixes!! Must Download!

    Woah. Huge jump from West Coast Crown to Warrior. These are sick.
  9. akshyz


    DDDddjj Masssive Doonngg.
  10. akshyz

    Warrior Bhangra 2013 :)

    One of the best comps in the circuit.
  11. akshyz


    Yes! Sick Lineup.
  12. akshyz

    Bruin Bhangra 14 Mixer - Musical Chairs!

    Hahahaha @ 1:54. Epic.
  13. akshyz

    *** Swizzee - June 2012 Mixtape ***

    miss you Swi. <3
  14. akshyz

    First Class Bhangra @ Bruin Bhangra 14

    These guys.. :) Just started my extended leave of absence. Great f@&$ing weekend. For Jeremy. For pepperdine.
  15. akshyz

    ***CMU Bhangra 2012 Videos***

    Hey BTF, Here are the videos of all our performances from this season. CMU @ VPD - 3rd Place CMU Bhangra @ VPD 2012 CMU @ Warrior Bhangra - 1st Place CMU Bhangra: Warrior 2012 CMU @ Srujan - 1st Place 2012 Srujan - CMU Bhangra.avi CMU @ Bayside Bhangra - 2nd Place CMU@Bayside.MP4 If...
  16. akshyz

    Cornell Bhangra - Bhangra Blowout XIX [Center HD View]

    The energy with which you guys danced was unbelievable. Your vardiyan looked amazing. Formations could have been more dynamic. Also 7:53 - the pink guy ripped it. Simply amazing.
  17. akshyz

    Steel City Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout XIX (2012)

    Really love the set. Formations were sick. Vardiyan looked awesome. 3:56 of the HD vid. I see you Sid! ;) Pittsburgh <3
  18. akshyz

    Warrior Bhangra: Thank You, Feedback and Reviews.

    Ok this is long overdue but necessary. Warrior Bhangra was by far the most well run competition CMU Bhangra has been to. The committee went out of their way to ensure that we had a good time and that we had everything we needed for our performance. So a huge shoutout to Goldie Pabla, Sunny...
  19. akshyz

    CMU Bhangra @ Warrior Bhangra 2012 (DO NOT POST)

    Hey BTF, We had a great time at Warrior Bhangra 2012. I will be posting a review of the competition soon. If you have a video of our performance from Warrior Bhangra 2012, please don't post the video yet. We would really appreciate it if you could send us the video at We...