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    DJ/Mixer issues

    What's up with mixers these days. I am having similar issue where I paid a guy first week of October. It has been over two months and I did not get anything. Not sure what to do. I sent him many messages and he kept saying "he will send it right away" then I asked for money back and no...
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    Nachda Punjab Bhangra Academy (NPBA) at Reign of Bhangra 2017

    Ladies and Gents of BTF, Please find below the video for our teams second competition. We placed third at the first competition, Elite Bhangra in Abbotsford in 2016. Many of our senior dancers have been dancing on various teams past few years but came together collectively under Nachda Punjab...
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    Fiercest Bhangra Rivalry in the History.

    I watched this video so many times and love it every time. If you have not watched this, DO IT NOW!! lol ;D
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    Logo Help

    Hello I am looking for some one who can help us out with our logo Is there anyone who has good photoshop skills and willing to help us with our new logo? Please PM me Thank you
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    EPIC Bhangra at Bhangra Idols 2013 Showdown

    Hello Everyone, Here is our video from Last weekeend. This is was our debut performance and I am proud of my team for what we have accomplished. I would like to say thank you to Raj Sangha, Director of bhangra Idols for having us. Thank you Jatinder Paji from Shan E Punjab for tying our Paghs...
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    Competitions in 2014

    Any comps happening in winter 2014?
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    Guru HarGobind (GHG) Bhangra at Nachda Punjab 2013

    Hello All: Here is our video from Nachda Punjab 2013. Thank you to Nachda Punjab committee for having us. Special thank you to our liasons, Param and Sukhi, for helping us throughout our stay. Param and Sukhi drove us around wherever we needed to go and were available 24 hours if we need any...
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    Bhangra Tryouts in Calgary and Area

    Bhangra Republik is holding tryouts in Calgary and area. If you are interested please PM me for more details.
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    Bhangra Republik Jashan 2012. Please DO NOT POST

    Please do not post Bhangra republik video from jashan 2012. If you have the the video and can send it to me, Please PM me
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    Bhangra Competition, Calgary

    Ral mil Jashan manayiye
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    Singing Sessions at Jashan 2010, Calgary

    Featuring: Raju Johal, Gaurav Sharma, Singer from PBA( dont kno his name), Simran Kaler Raju Johal @ Jashan 2010 (Part 1/2) HD Raju Johal @ Jashan 2010 (Part 2/2) HD Various Boliyan @ Jashan 2010 HD
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    Raju Johal @ GHG Bhangra Practice, JASHAN 2010

    Raju at GHG PRAC, Calgary, JASHAN 2010 Enjoy :)
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    Raju Johal shoutout video For Jashan 2010
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    Kuldeep manak rippin it again
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    :O WOW
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    IPhone 3gs OR blackberry Bold?

    What are your opinions?
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    Sharabi Bandars
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    Red Rain. Pretty Interesting

    Part 1 -------- Part 2 -------
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    Punjabi Sports-Bhangra
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    Diversity Bhangra