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    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club GTV--Dont think this is posted yet

    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club @ Warrior Bhangra 2012 my bad if this has already been posted....
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    Next jam for many routines? Babbar Sheran Nu - Jakara - Tedi Pagg Productions
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    Reebok Commerical Gone .. Punjabi?

    Reebok: OchoCinco vs. Annie ZigActivate loving it!
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    Kohinoor Folk arts Club Surrey

    Sadey Husday Kehldey Gabroo kohinoor folk arts club team in fresno california raju pardesi di tumbi @ kfac
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    Soundtrack for Breakaway-RDB gurenteed gona be used this season...
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    Soundtrack for Breakaway

    neone got the ludacris song strating at 1:31 "sheran di kaum punjabi" i think its with RDB? Breakaway Theatrical Movie Trailer [HD]
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    VCU Elite 8 2010 mix?

    Does neone have pretty sure it was prolly already posted a lil while back... i tried going back and looking for it but failed...lemme know and if sumone cud send me it that would be great...thx in advance
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    Surrey Nagarkirtan- Kohinoor Folk Arts club

    Hey everyone! HAPPY VAISAKHI! Its that time of the year where wecelebrate the birth of KHALSA (Vaisakhi), and share the happiness ofthe harvest season (Vaisakh-huge to BHANGRA). We would love toshare our happiness for "Vaisakhi" and "Vaisakh" by inviting you tocome visit our stage/stall on...
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    kfac website:

    Hey guys... If you didn't already know, Kohinoor Folk Arts Club has their website up and running with some recent updates to the website. Feel free to check it out. Its nothing like the flashy or fancy, but has a lot of information about our club including... -the meaning of KFAC (Kohinoor folk...
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    obama diwali message this guys got my vote for life if i was american...
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    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club- Do NOT post the Video

    Sat Sri Akal to everyone... We would really appreciate it if you do NOT post the video from Bulldog. We have plans to use it again. Also, if anyone does have the video, could you please send me a copy. We would love to review our video and bring back an even better and cleaner routine for our...
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    Bhangra= #4 in the top 10 dances of the world-channel CTV

    So i was just watching tv... some show was on naming the top ten dances of the world....Bhangra/Bollywood dance came #4 out of 10....pretty was pretty well done....showed some boiz from United, them ladies from NBA...and some team wearning BLUE vardee' was pretty me...
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    Ustad Jikky Aulakh and his student Devon D. jamming- Kohinoor Folk Arts Club chek it out ;)
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    VIBE Bhangra Fundraiser this Friday May 15th at the STANDARD

    VIBE Bhangra Fundraiser this Friday May 15th at the STANDARD in New Westminister...$10 a ticket...Valid from free shot...gimme a shout for more info...brought to you by Valykrie and Bent 8 Productions
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    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club performing at party

    a random performance...literally made it a hour before we got on out pretty it is
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    Rest In Paradise SONI PABLA

    I dont know if this has been posted already...but its really sad...Rest in Paradise SONI will always be remembered Veeray.
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    BJ at IPFF

    dunno if this is already posted...
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    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club Surrey @ IPFF 2009 If anyone has more video's please let me know, or post them. Thanks.
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    Kohinoor at Bhangra Masti 3

    heres kohinoors set...if anyone has a better quality video please do post....this was recorded off my phone...i forgot to change the quality settings so its not as clear....but here it is...hopfully the url works...
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    song question from b2b set

    whut is the song at 4:27...the buney tey guney choopeya karagey song....