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    Song request !!

    Hey I was wondering if anyone had Virsa's mix from TBP and don't mind posting it. Thanks
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    Danger bhangra by mama ji in merut

    Danger Bhangra By Mama Ji in Merrut
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    Babbu mann's song about fake babbe lolls

    CONTROVERSY Babbu Mann new song ik Baba Nanak si Vs Sant baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrian wale
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    Funny Punjabi Videos

    Punjabi Totay | Penguins Sardar Punjabi Totay | Rishtay Karaan Wali Bunty And Chiri (Bird) -Punjabi
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    Song request

    Does anybody have this song ?
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    Silent Birds (Kisseh Hor Banereh Remix) - Kaka Bhaniawala

    This is pretty sick mix that i found on youtube. So thought of posting it here. Silent Birds (Kisseh Hor Banereh Remix).wmv
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    Funny Video

    Funny Video - Invisible Rope Prank II
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    Any bright ideas on Mela songs ?

    I thought of using "Doliyan vich jaan" by jelly but if anyone of you have a better song then please let me know. Thanks
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    Bhangra masti 4 Video

    Hey does anyone know when the bhangra masti 4 video is coming ?
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    What song is this ?

    Does anyone know what song is this ? If you have it can you please post it here... Thank You