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    Anakh e gabroo getting ready for fever

    gunnu's baack haayy!
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    Virsa: Our Tradition @ Toronto Bhangra Youth Festival (TBYF)

    congratulations once again boys! folkin killed it :)
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    heavy lineup!
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    VCU Bhangra 08-09 Mixes

    sickkkk mixes hahaha stanky leg with lehrian! too funny, i want to hear that!
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    desi dhamaka results

    congratulations to all the placing teams :) and to my boys on virsa for winning with talent AND class
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    Re: Desi Dhamaka Updates

    V:OT's gna rip it
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    Lalkaare Sheran De at RaasChaos (Exhibition)

    awesome expressions and mix
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    Joshiley Jawan at Virsa Punjab Da 09

    definitely killed it! real graceful jhummer, and kabaddi segment was tighttt bhangra knights: your giddha and hiphop at the afterparty amazed us all. especially your giddha.
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    Bhangra Draft...

    lalli - rooh ranjit - nj ricky - apd jony - v:ot amli - v:ot jasleen - drexel jasmine - lbc nanay (best jodedar ever) - bankian naaran jawani girl 1 ubc girl 1
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    AEG at Fusion Royale

    khoonda songggg:
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    AEG at Fusion Royale

    orange kurta is sick
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    Nachdi Jawani Mix

    here's the song
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    Faizan is...

    damn that was repetitive. but channi's so fly!
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    Crazy Bhangra Dancer

    hahaha both of these vids made me so uneasy
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    SGPD at Groundshaker 2008 (video)

    jhummer segment was too good!
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    What are you Bumping right now?

    drp's socal '08 mix. it's so hood here i am - rick roooosssssss :)
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    You know you're a bhangraholic when...

    when you're listening to a sweet mix on your ipod in the subway and you look up, smiling, to see if anyone else is thinking the same thing. when you unconsciously do head nods and hand movements while listening to music in the subway. or when you're watching a NJ video in the library and you...