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  1. Kas

    NYPD roller skates?

    Hey guys, Wanted to do a NYPD set at a wedding, I was wondering where did they get the roller skates? If anyone from NYPD could answer me or help me out, that would be great Thanks ;)
  2. Kas

    SGPD @ Motor City Bhangra 2014

    Can you un-private the videos now?
  3. Kas

    Quick Saap question

    Wouldn't advise getting that one. They snap very quickly.
  4. Kas

    Official Ankhile Putt Punjab De Bhangra Wars 2013 Mix

    one of the best mixes from the UK, everyone needs to hear it. You will love the mission impossible jhummar 8)
  5. Kas

    Ankhile Girls @ Bhangra Wars 2013 (Video and Mix)

    Trust me guys, everyone needs to hear harnaiks mixes, you wont be disappointed
  6. Kas


    The owner is selling the site, and my cousin bought it off him and made a new one called ratedesis. Come join guys
  7. Kas

    TAG @ Bulldog Bhangra 2011 Song Help!!

    whos that first guy singing at 00:24? What a voice
  8. Kas

    mix request. SGPD masti 2008

    anyone have this mix? SGPD - Bhangra Masti 2
  9. Kas

    Nachde Gabroo Punjab De (NGPD) at Bhangra Fever 4

    Thanks bro, Whats these guys age range?
  10. Kas

    Nachde Gabroo Punjab De (NGPD) at Bhangra Fever 4

    Congrats, anyone posting the mix?
  11. Kas

    Does anyone else find this a bit distburbing?

    Apparently one of the male dancers is from nachdi jawani. (This is what I heard) :)
  12. Kas

    DMU and Leicester University @ Capital Bhangra 2013

    Re: DMU/UoL Bhangra Team at Capital Bhangra 2013 It would be good if people from NA could give feedback on this performance, all the dancers here danced at their first competition. This is in the UK btw :)
  13. Kas

    bhangra knights dhol di awaz 2010 team mix request.

    any one have the bhangra knights dhol di awaz 2010 mix?
  14. Kas

    DJ Saini- Mix Stealing.

    thats from GCC bhangra team from the UK, they performed to that mix at bhangra wars, if people wanted to know EDIT: this video is the GCC one 'DJSAINI BHANGRA B-DAY MASH UP 2012'
  15. Kas

    Me dancing for the first time. lol

    Sorry I thought it would embed at first, but here you go IMG 0179 IMG 0195 The second link is a better view
  16. Kas

    Me dancing for the first time. lol

    Yo, what up guys. So Ive been dancing for 2 years, im self taught, and just want to say, its my first performance, infront of 250 people. just watch and comment and help me improve. I messed up half way lol, I forgot the moves, and I KNOW I made some mistakes looking back lol, but it was the...
  17. Kas

    Black Ops 2

    yep pretty much recycled crap, and the zombie maps are horrible, look the same, all they have done is add a bus into the game, I mean wtf. I paid £24 for it brand new. Thats like $38. seeing as your talking about gta Grand TheftAuto 5 - Trailer 2 OFFICIAL ROCKSTAR
  18. Kas

    Black Ops 2

    Everybodys thoughts? I think its crap tbh *sigh*
  19. Kas

    Black Ops 2

    Xbox: Mayweather365 Some people got the game like 4 days ago, so unfair >:(
  20. Kas

    Bhangra Showdown this season?

    The bhangra showdown will be happening in 2013, that is most likely as teams have applied, and I believe there will be capital bhangra next year, but a new competition called folk stars which is only a live competition will be happening on the 24th november this year :)