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    Marathon blasting in Boston

    FAUJ has already reached out to everyone in Boston we know, Family and Friends. Everyone is safe and indoors. We wanted to reach out to the Bhangra community in case anyone is in Boston for the Marathon or has family members in Boston. Certain buildings in Boston are on lock down, the T has...
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    FAUJ Christmas Gift!

    With Christmas around the corner and New Year’s up the street, we want to end the year right and share some good news with you! We have just launched our new website and encourage everyone to check it out (! It is a one stop shop for all FAUJ related material. We have also...
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    CTL Update?

    is anyone doing updates anymore?
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    ★★★ FAUJ @ Bayside Bhangra 2012 Review/Intro/Performance ★★★

    Fauj had an amazing time this past weekend at Bayside. We have nothing but the utmost respect for the Bayside committee Comps generally say they bend over backwards for teams but very few live up to it. Comps have become so rigid and rule regulated that teams have to worry about being docked...
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    FAUJ @ VPD 2012 (2nd Place)

    We want to thank everyone who organized the competition. We had an amazing time, and as we prepare for the afterparty, we expect nothing but another amazing night. Big shoutout to our liasons, Chandni and Jaspreet, for having our backs the entire weekend. Below is our performance video. The mix...
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    NYPD @ TDOT 2011 (1080 HD)

    Congrats to NJW, NYPD, DCMPAA This was a sick sick sick comp. Big shoutout to NTP for holding it down. and the following people for drinking and chilling the whole weekend. Amar, Ajay, Aminder, Navisha, Burzen, Tesler, Ravi, Nana, Harsh(DCMPAA), Simar(NYPD), and a shitload of other people that...
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    NYPD vs NJW Battle @ TDOT 2011

    and here we go.... NYPD vs NJW Battle @ TDOT 2011
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    F*A*U*J @ Bayside 2011 Video

    ! Private video Mix:
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    FAUJ @ Bayside 2011 Mix/Review

    On Behalf of FAUJ I want to Congratulate the placing teams and Bayside for throwing a flawless Comp. This committee constantly bent their backs for competing teams to make sure they were taken care of. Not only was this competition on point with organization, but the committee rolled deep! lol...
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    FAUJ @ Fever 2011

    Please do not post our video from Fever or VPD until after BaySide(including on Youtube). We will be releasing the Videos and Mixes after Bayside. We appreciate your corporation. Shout outs: I would like to thank everyone who helped make this weekend possible. Our amazing Liaison Parth Patel...
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    Hotel for Fever 2011

    where are all the teams staying? It would be sick if all the team could get the same hotel. it would suck to go from one hotel to another.
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    Dhol Roll

    does anyone have a good quality drum roll? I have attached the one I have and I am not to fond of it. I am looking for straight dhol. Any help will be appreciated
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    Mel Karade Rabba

    Mel karade rabba- Punjabi movie(16th july) jimmy shergill, Gippy grewal Jimmy SherGill is the shit!
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    NJ/SGPD/VCU @ Elite 8 - questions

    both teams are dirty when it comes to bhangra...when you think you can't get any more creative....these teams prove you wrong. There was some parts of NJ & SGPD performance that were unreal. Not to take away from other teams, in my opinion all the teams had a creative set and something going on...
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    What matters when applying to a comp.

    How would you prioritize the list below when you are applying to a comp. - Team Selection - Minutes allocated per dance - Judging - Committee being able to speak punjabi :P - Organization throughout the weekend - Better dress rehearsal experience(Extra time on stage +) - Location of the...
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    Coming to Boston

    yo just curious who's coming to boston thats not dancing on stage....basically where's my party people at!
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    Taj Bhangra Mix or NU mix?!?!? yo does anyone know who this team is...straight up jacked NU's
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    JK Wedding Entrance Dance

    gonna be my wedding reception
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    lol bhangra vs rass lol

    lol i couldn't stop laughing, this has to be the dumbest shit i seen
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    Outfits in Punjab

    question..i was wondering where people get there outfits in Punjab..and if you can share what price range i know the more detailed they are the more expensive so if you can include a pic....much appricated...i am against buy them online before someone suggests