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  2. Sunny Monster Kanwar

    shivchand gets sent home on indias got talent

    this is a joke ... they should have thrown the mic at the judges.... they dont know bhangra for shit .. ami mu vatkey betey ah .. i saw that modern hiphop shit that other team did .. ami gand .. shiv chand is straight talent the singer is st8 talent .. who ever says they not good .. i wanna see...
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    Bhangra comp?

    Big Apple Bhangra - ** August 20th, 2011 ** Send you Reg Packets asap !! one more day left !!
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    Best of the Best 2011 Results

    Best of the Best 2011 Results: Raas Garba - UMD EntouRAAS Bhangra - Bhangra Empire Bollywood/Fusion - UC Berkeley Azaad OVERALL: UC Berkeley Azaad Congrats to the Winning teams !!!! Had a great time this week end !!!
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    UBC Results !!

    The captain[s] for Virsa: Our Tradition and Virsa: Folksters did not dance Virsa Our Tradition did not compete last night Im proud of my guys who killed it last night no one can touch you bois Congrats to DCBC NYPD and WB !!!! Killed it
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    Virsa:Our Tradition at Elite 8

    Charhdi Kala Folk Arts Club (Bhangra) At JUS CARNIVAL 2010 Fist pumps: 7:02 Chardi Kala Arts Club AKA Virsa: Our tradition
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    Official Boston Bhangra Competition 2010 Live Updates, Placings and Reviews

    Fun comp. Pricey but fun. Def need a bigger spot for after party. After after party was pretty cool. DEFINITELY NOT A COMP FOR TRADITIONAL TEAMS. Congrats to placing teams. empire, amazing gigmicks .. Nypd def deserved higher .. Yet again not a traditional comp .. Loved hanging out with all my...
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    VCU Bhangra @ Bhangra in the Burgh 4

    congrats VCU on 1st .. AGAIN ! shout out SRK ! crazyness on the jhommar ! we go way back .. the uva days haha loved the jhommar ! sweet and sassy like always .. clean graceful .. what else more would you want
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    Virsa OT: perform at some wedding

    OBB !!!!! my bois beastin !! OBB FOOO LYFEEEEEEEEEE !!!! hahahahhaha Dupi OBG !!!
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    kid practicing in garage

    - jitt de nishaan by sartaj
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    kid practicing in garage

    hes pretty well set compared to alot of ppl iv seen .. props to him if he learned him self .. and i heard some virsa in there too .. good stuff
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    NYC BHANGRA TRYOUTS for Dil Uthe Nachda (D.U.N.) co-ed team

    No problem bow .. Teri bari fudu kichi aaj lmaoooo .. But Theres nothing like helping out the youngsters .. See you soon ;)
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    Charhdi Kala Folk Arts Club @ JUS Carnival

    Thanks for the love guys .. Its been a long time since we have done a 8 man traditional set (with some twists ;) ) loll .. Prac time was hella difficult because the semester just started .. And this set was made for the love and fun of bhangra nothing serious like it is now and days ... And...
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    Karol bagh is the shit !
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    Virsa Our Tradition Bhangra Masti 4 Mix

    Siddy thats a different version. We always have different ones , all sound sick as hell , but this is the one played on stage
  16. Sunny Monster Kanwar

    Virsa Our Tradition Bhangra Masti 4 Mix

    This is the one played at Bhangra Masti 4 Enjoy !
  17. Sunny Monster Kanwar

    Virsa: Our Tradition at Bhangra Masti 4 Side balcony

    Virsa: Our Tradition at Bhangra Masti 4
  18. Sunny Monster Kanwar

    Virsa: Our Tradition at Bhangra Masti 4

    sorry guys i realized after it was private. im trying to tag as many ppl as i can, i will tell the host to change his settings