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    AVA Girls @ Bhangra Masti 2010

    great job girlss! you guys killed it ;D
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    Apna Virsa Academy (AVA) @ Rangla Punjab 2010 (GTVHD)

    Re: Apna Virsa Allstars (AVA) @ Rangla Punjab 2010 (GTVHD) good job girls! KEEP IT UP :)
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    Song Help Please:)

    here you go:)
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    AVA @ IPFF - 1st place..

    i love you girls! :)
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    Rangla Punjab Updatess?

    Yahhooo AVA! Keep it up!!!
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    Nishawn Bhullar-Honey Singh Bhagat singh

    Nishawn Bhullar-Honey Singh-Bhagat Singh FolkStar Official Video By
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    Song help!

    here you go.
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    Rangla Punjab

    YAY ava & pcbca, bring the aunty along ;)
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    IPFF results

    AVA, u guys were to sick! an congrats to BEST DANCER JASKIRN DOSANJH from ava :)
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    ipff girls category poll

    Ava :)
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    British Columbia Highschool Bhangra Competition 2010!

    and supers not teaching, Tarin is!
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    GO AVA :)
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    Panorama Bhangra @BCHBC

    YAY go team ;)
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    You guys did great! Love you girls, keep it up :)
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    Good Books By Indian Authors

    daaku ranj dhaliwal
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    LIVE BROADCAST - Pioneer Bhangra 2010

    AVA ripppedd it!!!