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  1. akshyz

    Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus make good friends - Stuff that makes you smile :)
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    ***CMU Bhangra 2012 Videos***

    Hey BTF, Here are the videos of all our performances from this season. CMU @ VPD - 3rd Place CMU Bhangra @ VPD 2012 CMU @ Warrior Bhangra - 1st Place CMU Bhangra: Warrior 2012 CMU @ Srujan - 1st Place 2012 Srujan - CMU Bhangra.avi CMU @ Bayside Bhangra - 2nd Place CMU@Bayside.MP4 If...
  3. akshyz

    CMU Bhangra @ Warrior Bhangra 2012 (DO NOT POST)

    Hey BTF, We had a great time at Warrior Bhangra 2012. I will be posting a review of the competition soon. If you have a video of our performance from Warrior Bhangra 2012, please don't post the video yet. We would really appreciate it if you could send us the video at We...
  4. akshyz

    Cmu Bhangra @ vpd 2012 (do not post)

    Hey btf, If you have our video from virsa Punjab da 2012. Please pm me the video and please do not post the video yet. We will post the video at the end of our season. Thanks. - Akshay Doshi CMU Bhangra
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    CMU Bhangra - Intro Video for Virsa Punjab Da 2012

    Hey BTF, Here is our intro video for Virsa Punjab Da this weekend. We are really excited to share the stage with such awesome teams! CMU Bhangra 2012 Intro Video Sincerely, Akshay Doshi CMU Bhangra
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    CMU Bhangra @ Bhangra in the Burgh 5 (BIB V)

    Hey BTF, Just like every year, we had the privilege of performing as an exhibition act in Bhangra in the Burgh. We had a great time at the competition and it was really nice meeting some of the teams that competed. Congratulations to UNC, DCMPAA and AEG for placing and to Drexel, DCBC, Cornell...
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    Breaking News! Hahahaha!
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    Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong Oh man...