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    Aambh da boota - Saini Suninder **Offical Music Video**

    DBI ft Saini Surinder - Aambh Dha Boota **Official Video** Dhol Beat International and VIP records have teamed up to produce an awesome track that a lot of y'all have maybe even already heard. Let's see if y'all can spot any surprise guests;)
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    New DBI Remix: KAKA and Lembher Boliyan Showdown track - Free Download

    Download the DBI remix for free here: Leave youre feedback, share, and enjoy!
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    Nishani Bhangra BBC MIX

    Here's our mix from Boston 8) Big ups to Karan Singh Dhillon for the mix!!
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    **Official Video** ft Amar Sandhu - Ni Udaleh ft Jus Reign

    THE wait is over!! Check out the new video, opinions and feedback would be much appreciated :) DBI ft Amar Sandhu - Ni Udaleh ft Jus Reign **Official Video**
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    Ni Udaleh (Fly With Me) [feat. Amar Sandhu] - Single DBI FULL TRACK

    Support the US bhangra scene by jamming this sick song produced by DBI.
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    DJ PRINCE SHARMA - Wrap Up 2012 MIX
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    DBI ft Amar Sandhu - Ni Udaleh (Fly With Me)

    DBI ft Amar Sandhu - Ni Udaleh (Fly With Me) **Extended Trailer ** Check out live footage of how we rock out at club events all over! The Single and Video release this Thursday! spread the word
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    APD shair elite 8 2012 video (Amar Sandhu)
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  10. harjap_singh

    this chick is so stupid. biggest fail ever
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    Really!? Kid Believes He's From Dragonball Z And Tries To Go Super-Saiyan
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    New Lehmber song!! Nakhro Lut Ke Legayee NEW Lehmber album just came out.. You know DBI had to add some massive dhol beats to the new dance floor hit " Nakhro lut ke lagayee." DOWNLOAD IT FREEEEEE NOWWWW! Please leave feedback and lookout for more remixes and new album...
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    raw, these guys are raw
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    DBI-Bhangra vs hip hop-oct quick mix

    Check it out Facebook World! BJ Josan - DJ Impact of DBI - DHOL BEAT INTERNATIONAL will be posting up a new HIP HOP vs Bhangra quick mix featuring Agaya Swaad and Moorni, straight from the DBI hit factory!! Repost this link or tell your friends to DL this track asap so you can get your speakers...
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    Dhol Beat International - Shera di Kaum (Remix)
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    Morni (Punjabi Mc) Cover- Raginder "Violinder"

    could be repost but it definitely deserves more views!! Morni (Punjabi Mc) Cover- Raginder "Violinder"
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    Anakh E Gabroo @ Bhangra Masti

    Anakh E Gabroo @ Bhangra Masti 2009 (3RD PLACE)
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    Living In A Brown Fam #3

    Living In A Brown Fam #3
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    I thought i was on BTF dont ask how i found this
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    iphone help!!

    succesfully jailbroken iphone has cydia and everything, but once i turn it on or reboot, it reads "searching" at the top left hand corner, and then goes straight to saying "No service" Im trying to get it to work with a tmobile sim card..any help?